Saturday, July 3, 2010

Grow Up!

Whoever told me to grow up, I want to tell them to STFU.

Asperbehinder, guess what?  I. grew. up.

You satisfied?

Well, I am not.  I want to go back to being a drama queen, whining, kid!

Yes, I. Do.

I guess there are no take backs, we are all grown up now, live with it.

I can remember when I was a young girl, I just could not wait to be all grown up and to be able to my kids what they had to do and how to do it. 

HA!!  Was I stupid, or what?

Yeppers, I was.

I would give anything to go back in time and stop the clock, so that I could stay a child forever.

Hmmph, yes I know you want that same time clock, I know you do.

Yes I do, okay, don't admit it but I know and the whole universe knows that you are a liar.

Old brings wisdom, but I would rather be young and dumb!

What do you mean, it is loose?

im back

I am annoyed!  Okay, whew I got that off my chest.  I mean I centered the darn picture I did not want to center my text???!!!????


Opps, sorry.  It is all about a FUNny saturday, right? 

Well, let us get started.

Last night, I was visiting next door, that just so happens to be my in-laws.  It really is all good.  I guess I am just one of those that are outside the box, because I like my in-laws!

Anywho, they were babysitting my niece, their granddaughter.  And she had a VERY loose tooth.  She wanted it out, and she wanted it out, NOW!

Quite a little drama queen she is.  HA HA~!  I told her hunny, it is so loose if you just wait a while it will probably just fall out while you are laying on the bed later watching your favorite televison show with your Nanna later. 

She. did. not. believe. me.

She just sat there and cried and wanted her Momma.  And cried, and whined and well you get it!

She called Momma, and you know what she told her, if you come home your going to stay home.

Guess what she did??

Yep!~  You guessed it.  She cried MORE.

Now her mom said, Get over it, well, in more than less words, thats the jest.


She lost her tooth, 3 hours later, where?

another loose tooth has fallen out!

This is not her, it was her top tooth to the left, to the left, whoops sorry I got carried away.

YEPPERS,  laying on the bed watching her favorite TV show with her Nanna!!


Hope that tooth was made of gold! 

Never heard what she got out of that deal.

I guess the tooth fairy only appears at your own house.

What is the most you ever got from the tooth fairy?

Pee. My. pants.

Comedy Central

Okay.  I. admit, I spent almost all of my day watching the comedy central network (50 Star Stand-Up Weekend).  And, Am. I. ashamed.? 


I laughed my asperbehinder. off! 

I needed it. Just like you need you 5,6,7 or 8 hours of sleep.  Or your alarm clock to wake your asperbehinder up to get to work on time.  Or your coffee int the morning.  Or like you need to breathe.  Or like you need to eat to flourish.  Or like you need to drink water.  Or like you need to go to the dentist.  Or to the doctor, for your yearly check-up.   Or like you need to bathe everyday, brush your teeth, change your underwear, change your clothes, socks, bra, whatever, you get the jest, hey?

So on with it. 


My favorite, But oh there were more, that I laughed my asperbehinder off on.

I hope all of you had a joyful, belly full of laughs this weeeeeekeennnnd!!

I know, I. did.

Jeff Dunham

laughing my butt off

I have been there and done, that!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Up in the air???!!

I really can't say.  I sit here and watch tv. and then I see a commercial I hate, well at least I think is annoying.  AND what does the person say I love this commoercial, 1,2,3, REALLY:??????"  You know that commercial where that girl is sitting there and then OMG she says this is my fav commmercial. really???? LMFAO!!! Yeah, right????? Nu VA ring???????????Oh PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ does this women not have a life, that her favorite commercial is this stupid to be god's how2 to protect your fertility.  Anywho, I just have nothing else to say but I wanted to say this.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Sorry no pictures.  But we had a great day yesterday.  We got 1st for ribs, 2nd for chicken, and I got 4th in the chef's special, oh well!  Ugh, ha !  I made seafood egg rolls.  They were really good, but the judges thought that the stuffed peppers were the winner, and the second up was the peach cobbler, and the ribeye took third, so there it left me at 4th.  But I think that we did really good, and above all that we all had a great time.  Hope your weekend was great! 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pit Stop




Cooking dragon

No, not that kind of pit stop.  I am talking barbeque pits, today.  Why?  Well I am in a bbq cook off today, so tomorrow I will let you know how we did.  I want to take some pictures, but my digital camera was dropped and now does not work, ugh@!  But if I can find someone to take some pictures I will share them with you tomorrow. 

I bet no one can quess what I am bbq'ing for my division (Chef's Special)? Whatever you want to make but the rules are that it has to be cooked on the pit.  Can you quess what I am going to make? 

Happy Grilling!  Have a Great Saturday!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rainy Days and Wednesday


Well OF course what else do you expect, we need to have baseball practice, and what does it do?  Why, rain! That was yesterday.  And now today, it is the first game of the State Tournament for our High School team, among other states High School teams.  The games are being played at Dell Diamond in Round Rock, Texas.  I awoke to thunder, rumbling and rain!  Tornado warnings, watches and flash flood warnings.  But we are about an hour and half away from us, so I am hoping that JUST maybe they are not getting the rain that we had all day, but that was not the case.  So the games that should have started at 10:00am this morning got pushed back, so it ends up that our original start is at 4:00pm has been pushed to 6:30pm.  So the boys are on their way there, so let us hope that they will get to play at that time.  It has stopped raining here, so I am hopeful.    I will let you all know what happens. 

I am not complaining in anyway that it is raining, but don't you know that everytime you want to do something someone always comes and rains on your parade. Or do this.


 Well thats exactly what is happening.  I would rather be under the covers at home watching movies all day when it rains.  That is just ME.  OR maybe this.


But I went to work anyways, what can you do.  It was a slow day so it was not all that bad.  I pretty much just sat at my desk and watched the rain pour! 

It got so dark at one point that I thought that our clocks were not working.  Ha.
And I should be at home sleeping instead of working.  It probably was because we were under a tornado warning/watch, unbeknown to me.  Nothing happened but a downpour. 


The poor UPS guy had delivered some boxes to us, and in one of them is a quarterly newsletter that I have to mail out.   SO since our internet was down, I went ahead and commensed to folding the newsletters and stuffing into envelopes and sticking the mailing labels on them.  DONE!  I forgot, since it was raining cats and dogs, I just skipped lunch today and worked through lunch.  I'm hungry.  Ha. 

hamburgers II

Okay now back to the story at hand.  Finally it was time to get off and go home.  I left and it was only sprinkling so that was good. 


I got home and son is asking me where I was and where was dad?  Well he had no idea that the game had been postponed.  It was 3:40pm when I got home and dad was supposed to have been there at 2:00pm.  I told him.  He was like, AWWW.  I think it is going to be a long summer for him.  We live out in the country and well there is no one to play with or do anything with, so I know that he gets bored.  But what can you do?!  At least he can sleep in and doesnt have to go to school is what I tell him.  At least in August he will be going to camp.  So if he can hold out till then it will be all good.  And like I tell him all the time, he could clean his room, the living room, the kitchen, the bathrooms, and all, he would not be all that bored, yes, okay you can laugh at me now!  He did!

Krydes Tile Cleaning


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rockin 'Round Baseball

pátek víkend

Yesterday we spent all day in Round Rock, TX in a Super Series Baseball Tournament.  It's our first time in this type of tournament.  We have had no time to practice, in between our city's Little League and the rain.  So needless to say we did not play well at all.  In fact more like the Bad News Bears, HA! 

bad news bears

We lost both of our games yesterday.  So that put us WAY down in the bracket, there are 22 teams there from all over.  We were in the 18th bracket.  So what does that mean?  Well we had to be back in Round Rock this morning to play our first game at 8:00am.  Which means we had to leave here at 5:30am in the morning!  Me? Nope not this gal, I need my beauty sleep, so I am at home.  Have not heard yet how we did?  I know the game is over.  So is no news, good news?  Not a clue, but I am not going to call and find out.  Double HA!

On some other good notes, our city's High School won there baseball game last night so they are going to State!

kansas state wildcats baseball

The Longhorns won yesterday also.  So after the tourney in Round Rock is over, hub and son are going to go to that game.  Big TIME Longhorn Fans, they 2 of them are. 


I got some sun while watching the game.


The boys got McDonalds on the way home.  Thats always a WIN WIN for them.  Triple HA!~


Friday, June 4, 2010


Hello Friday, my friend.

You know that you are my favorite.

So why do you come and go?

Only come to visit one day.

And then to leave for another 6.

Then come knocking again.

Why oh why can't you just stay?

Don't be jealous of Saturday and Sunday.

As I wish they would stay for more than one day also.

But you always are the life of the party, since you arrive first.

So please think about it.

But I guess like all good things.

They have to come and they have to go.

Just please just remember I am always here for you.

Excited that you are coming.

And miss you while your gone.

You are always welcomed!

Till next time!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Missed Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday is over, and now it is Thirsty Thursday!

Well Wednesday was not too wacky, I stayed at home, was not feeling well.  I am all for not having to go to work but I would rather have to go than to be sick and have to stay home.  You all know the pretend sick days are the best.  But in this case and in most, I was really not feeling well.  I have not been for a while.  Anywho, I made it to work today.  Not all better only made it half a day!

So guess WHAT?  Yeppers, you guessed it, Thirsty Thursday is not going to happen, well at least not for me. BooWhooo!

So to all those out there enjoy!, your drinks are on me! 

Oh and I did forget to tell you all, that Tuesday was his last day of school, because he got exempt.  He is very delighted! But at first his coach thought it would be funny to tell him that his name was not of the list, he asked again, "Oh wait what is your name again?  Oh here it is!"  My son did not think it was too funny, oh if it amused his coach, all the better for him, hmph! as my son would say!   The other students that did not meet the requirements for the exemption, their last day of school is this friday.  So Happy Summer to all those out there, out already or about to get out!

But Wednesday when I got up, I felt like crap.  What a way to celebrate not having to get my son ready for school and it is all about me.  But I just could not make it to work that day.  I called in sick.  Spent most of the day in bed and the bathroom, ha-quit laughing-I hate it when bugs are going around.  Where the heck did I pick it up at?  Oh well I am better today but not 100% but I will live, if only, just for the long weekend ahead!  WOOHOO.  I will have to will myself BETTER fast.

No big plans for me this weekend.  But I will be going fishing on saturday to add to the fish we caught a couple of weeks ago in a fishing tournament that I, my son and hub were in.  Son got 1st for big Bass and second in catfish.  Oh dont ask, ha, no me and hub didnt do as good as him.  But we all had fun. 

Back to the fishing, well the fish that we caught in the fish tourney, we decided to do a fish fry on sunday for the father in law, so we need to add to the fish that we already caught, and we have the perfect place to do it, so we will be going there on saturday!  Can't wait! 

So what are your plans for this up and coming Memorial day weekend?  And of course, all my thoughts, prayers and thank you's will be in the back of my mind, for all those out there fighting (those that lost their lives) for our safety and protection and freedom!

Thanks MICHAEL!   

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I just read an article, which I tried to post here, but sorry could not figure it out!  UGH!  But it really disturbed, well made me pissed!!!!!  But I cannot believe what they did to this 14 year old boy.  Well let me tell you in my own words.  I do not claim to quote anyone here.  Just telling what I read as I took it. 

This boy went to school everyday after day just to bullied by these older young boys.  It finally reached its boiling point when these 5 older young boys made him do the unspeakable.  What, well they told him that they would leave him alone if he got a tattoo, and if he didnt, the father said that his son that they would beat the crap out him.  So what do you think this young one would do, he said he would get the tattoo if they promised to leave him alone ( mind you I am using my perspective as to what he was thinking).  What was the tattoo that they wanted him to get, you ask? 

Well it was an outline of the male productive part.  Then after that torture was done, there was a crowd out to see the tattoo, and these 5 boys made him to drop his pants, you know in these days and ages there are immediate camera devices, and someone took pictures of the tattoo.  Needless to say that the father said that the boy was doing fine, till all this went public,   but now he is  in a bad state of mind.

I say this is so sad, not to mention extremely  disturbing.  In the comment section, in which I agree also, these boys need to learn a lesson, not only to pay for the removal of the tattoo, but to me this is got sexual pedophile wanna be's written all over it.  And they need to be stopped NOW! 

The boy in question has an attention deficit order and has been habitually bullied by older students.  It is sad but usually the unpopular and mentally or physically challenged are usually the targets for these bullies.  So please if your child is suffering please watch for the warning signs, at least in this story there was no suicide attempt or reporting of a useless, senseless loss of a young ones life. 

We all need to pay attention more, along with all school officials!  Keep your ears open and report what you hear!  In this report teachers did over hear students talking about this and this is how it came to light, so I am glad that the teachers did speak up.  They cant be all ears, eyes but when they do hear something they should come forward.  Kudos to them. 

My son was being bullied, but I am glad that he is not afraid to tell me, so I beg you to watch out!  Needless to say he is NOT bullied anymore.  There are ways to nip this in the bud really quick.  In closing I want to wish all best to the young boy and his parents.  In time all will be healed, take extra special care of him! 

Have you ever been bullied?  I have.  It's not all that great, so do unto others as you wish to be treated. 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Real Men of Genius • Mr. Professional Figure Skater

Here are the radio commercials that I find funny. I have put together my own little sumethin sumethin, so I dont claim to have any parts of this commercial, I just wanted to write a little diddy of my own for us bloggers! Also, I dont claim to be too funny, or clever, this is just me on a saturday afternoon, even before popping up my own nice cold bud light, HA! So here it is! Listen at the sametime you read it, well if you can do two things at one time, *chuckles*!

Bud Light Presents: Real WO-Men if Genius!

Today we Salute YOU: Mr & Mrs Professional Blogger Writers

While lesser of stalkers who just read blogs YOU spend countlass hours of typing trying to be witty, funny, smart, sexy and all those things you know your not.

You practiced and practiced, hoping, knowing that one day you would be noticed. Write a book and get published. Gain mega many viewers/followers and your a Blog Pleaser!

Mess up and forget to use spell check and get your fingers smacked with that big ol ruler (commenters, you professional blogger writers, know what I mean) But You're still a Blog Pleaser!

So crack open a nice cold Bud Light! YOU may never be a published book writer author But you Know your still loved in Bloggersville!

So keep on keepin on and blog away!

HaPPY SaTURday everyone! CHEERS!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"I wanna get lost in your Rock N Roll!

And "Drift Away"

Since there is no tv's in my house, well but ONE!  I have been listening to the radio more.  My son and I have always listened to our favorite radio station in the mornings on the way to drop him off to school, and then myself off to the office.  Our favorite in the morning talk show is with Roula & Ryan, 104 KRBE (Pop rock).  They tell top stories from the net, and they also do advice forums, and other things.  My son likes to hear the new scoops or what is the most used device by people (things like that), and so on. 

Now we have found another station KTEX 106 (country) that we listen to first, when we get in the truck, to head out to school (well actually I listen to this station in the morning while I get dressed, since I cant listen to Good Morning America-hence since I dont have a TV).  They are playing a game, Armadillo, HI LO!  If you can guess what amount of money is in the bank you win it, people call in and give an amount and they tell you either Too HI or Too LO.  Yesterday afternoon someone won, $212.56 (my son's guess was $212.12, so he would have been close, but hey first you got to be the 12th caller, yeah righ, Ha!).  So this morning they started out all over again.  The guess was 267.56 or something like that, but it was too HI.  So guess we will have to tune in again tomorrow morning to see what the guess were.  I will let you know if we ever win.  Ha, doubt that!  But HEY the money I could use to buy a new TV!

And now that I am writing this I am listening to yet another radio station, 94.1 it plays old classic pop/rock songs.  Like, can you believe right now it is playing " Your the one that I want"  Yes thats right, Hilarious, Olivia-Newton John.  OH Man talk about bringing back memories of the movie "Grease", am I giving away my age?!  Now thats funny, I dont care who you are!  But really I am not that old.  It was a good movie and I think most teenagers would know what movie I was talking about IF it came up in conversation.  Anywho to my point I listen more for John Tess, and I know I have mentioned this in another post of mine.  But really nothing exciting happened to me today. 

I really do like all kinds of music, and I am sure getting my share of it lately.  So tell me what kind of music do you like the most? 


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What are YOU doing?

Im bad! Yes it is almost Thursday, and nothing. Well lets see nothing exciting has happened. But I can tell you that everyday when I get home I have to play a bejeweled game. So why cant I come home and post something, here? I dunno. Oh well here I am now. I am playing in a pokerstars tourney, so in between bets I am writing this. Why do I put myself in this aggravation, oh yeah, I rememebered I would post something at least everyday. So here I am. I am not winning tonight, but I am sure the luck will change for me. We are having bbq hamburgers so I dont have to cook, so there is some luck in my way. I also realized that my son only has 2 Mondays left till summertime break. WOOHOO. Why, you say? Well it means I dont have to get up to take care of him, make sure he is dressed, feed him breakfast, and so on, NOW it will be just me! And that means I can sleep longer than I usually had to!

I am typing this as I am on a table in a six hand man tourney, and its funny they have no idea that I am writing on my blog as they slllllllllllllooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwly bet their hands, geeez I hate that@! Slow tables really test my nerves, but I try to be good. HA! But sometimes I am not so sweet as I know I can be and as I am told that I am. Hysterical, I know.
And now someone on the table is calling someone a punk, for sitting out. Oh well this is really going no where, but if you like to play Hold'em I play on Pokerstars, everynight, not advertising, its just the site I like.

Till we meet again, with whatever you are doing?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm so tired!

Why? Well I am not as young as I used to be. Last night I went to a crawfish boil, all you can eat and drink. Well , let's just say I drank more than I ate. And to top it off it was keg beer, yuck! I think it was spiked to, lol! Anywho, onto saturday, we were suppose to play in a tournament, baseball for my son, and golf for the hub. Well guess what? Yeppers, it rained and I mean it rained. I fell asleep last night on the couch, I was watching the pokerstars tourney, and I awoke early, thunder lightning and rain. WOOO HOOO I dont have to get up early. I knew everything had to be cancelled cause it had rained all day friday too. I was right. I slept till 10:45am, mind you not disturbed, from alarms to phone calls, geeeeez!! Keg beer ='s aspirin, lol! I never have hangovers, but that dabnabnit keg beer kicks my butt everytime.

Water and an aspirin, I am better now. I make lunch. Fried chicken coconut fingers, rice and string beans. Sorry no photo, no camera, see earlier post. The day is not over I have to get ready to go a graduation party, I would rather just say comfortable, but I cant we have to show up for these special people that took it to the next level and graduated to become the next generation. Congrats to Michael & Tracie.

See it wasnt that bad I am home now. Tomorrow is just another day. YEA! Till then.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I could not sleep

I am not sure, but I really don't think that I am the only person in this whole wide world that finds it hard to fall asleep. So I as lie down, last night, to try and fall asleep, like always millions, really like zillions, of things go through my mind, I do not have time to tell you all that went through my mind, but the one thing that sticks out the most to me is that I really need to blog something everyday (well at least during the week, and when weekends permit it) even if I have nothing to blog about I could tell you what I heard, seen, or what happened to me that day.

So that is what I vow to do. So as I come to my profile today, I find that I have 2 new more followers, and I am sure the other followers have stopped coming by my blog since there is never anything else new to read. So hopefully, although boring at sometimes, I will blog something!

It's friday, WOOHOO! To start out with. My trip to take my son to school today was quiet and not much happened. I drop him off and then I head to the office. On friday, I only have to work half a day, so fridays I so much don't mind getting up on these days. It was slow, and I think I maybe answered the phone about 6 times. I answered one email. And made one phone call to a client. And before I knew it it was quitting time.

I got home, changed clothes, and put a wash in the washing machine. I got me a drink and plopped my butt in front of my PC. My TV that I have in my room where I play on the PC and watch tv, has conked out. OH LET ME TELL YOU WHAT A BUMMER THAT IS! So I sit here and bang on the keyboards and instead of watch/listen to the tv, I have but no choice to just listen to the radio. So right now Rush Limbaugh is on, hold on I need to change the station, I can't take his ranting today. Okay thats better! Since my tv stopped working on me I found a new radio station (local) with John Tess, ever heard of him? Well he gives you everyday tid bits about things that you may have not known, its pretty cool. And plus they play some oldies but goodies, music I have not heard in a long time. "American Pie" is on right now, just so you kinda get the jest of what type of music it plays.

Tonight we were invited to a crawfish boil, so I am excited about that. Who could'nt be excited about all you can eat crawfish and all the beer you can drink?? Yes, tell me? I thought so! Yea!
Tomorrow my son is in a baseball tournament, and my husband, who is the coach of the team, will not be there, due to a prior promise to play in a golf tournament. Relay for Life. So it is for a good cause, I cant get too mad at him. Or could I? Ha no, I will take our son to the tournament, and like it! Just cause I can. And besides I have to. Funny!

Nothing but church on sunday, and maybe we will barbeque who knows, if I dont have anything to write about on Monday, I will tell you all about our crawfish boil, the 2 tournaments and our lazy day Sunday. I am sure you all can barely wait to hear about that. *really you can laugh*!

Do you really think that things happen in three's? Well I am beginning to think so, this is what has happened to us, one after the other! First: Brakes out in truck Second: TV conks Third: My digital camera wont work. Which means the money that we had to spend to fix the brakes, means NO new TV or DG Camera, at least for a while. *sign* Sympathy is always welcomed!

Anyone out there got any three's that happened to them?

Peace out everyone!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Take a trip with us to the casino

It was my birthday, and I wanted to go to play. Play as in gamble, so as we are sitting there betting on the dogs. I spoke up and said, "Well since it's my birthday and her birthday, what better to celebrate than go to Louisianna!?" It's are birthday afterall! And I thought that we could cry if we wanted to! And we wanted too! Not cry, so much as to whine, and get our way, so our men say "Sure sounds like a plan!" WOOHOO!!

Skip 2 months, forward. Mine you this was 2 months ago when we planned this. And BOY, I could'nt wait, and those 2 months took forever. But WELL worth the wait. Mind you I was ready to leave on that friday, but since it was on the spur of the moment kinda thing. They had a golf tournament that they had to play in on saturday. SO, our plan was to for them to go and play, they would ride with another player that they were playing with on their team. And I would come and pick them up later.

So I sit and wait for their call, as to when they were almost finished with their holes. They left in the early morning, before the sun rised. I was up not to much after that, yes I was excited, and sleeping was the last thing on my mind. Simple things get me excited, like a kid getting to go to Disneyland, I know all of you know what I mean, I'm sure you have seen one of their commercials.

Hours later, my cell phone rings. And it is THE CALL, I have been waiting for all morning into mid noon! I am all packed and ready to go. So I am on my way to go get my crew. Thought I would never get there, and mind you, that I had no clues as to where they were playing. So I am driving thinking, uhmnn, did I pass the road that I was supposed to turn. NO! Whew. As they had they gave me a clue to be looking for a log cabin fenced in on the left and after I see that take that next road to the right. Let's just let me tell you, you did'nt have time to blink and there was the turn I needed to take. Thank goodness no one was behind me. If you know what I mean.

So down that road, I went. I pull into the parking lot of the country club, wandering where the heck they were. So I pulled into a parking space, got out of the truck. Then I hear someone yelling and I am looking to the left to the right, wait isnt that a dance, ha! And I finally see them and they are on their last hole of the tournament. Come to find out they thought it would take me longer to get there so they decided to play that last hole just for fun.

There they are they all pulled up in their golf carts, unload there clubs. I had to pee! So as I walk up to them, she hands me a birthday card. Thanks! And by the way where do I go, I have to go!!!! It was a long drive I tell you, well maybe all the diet cokes I drank all morning more or less that did the trick. Okay I am done, go to the truck and unload out of one truck into our truck, and we are almost on our way.

This go here and that goese there. It might rain so we needed to make sure the clubs were protected. Well after all it did not rain on us the whole way there, but better safe than sorry. Clubs dont come cheap, ya know. We had a good trip up there, a couple of stops, here and there, so now we are at our final destination. Yeah! Drop off part of our crew, they were staying the night in a different hotel than we were. And now we head to our stop. Get unpacked, chill and now time to head to the casino.

Let's just say the casino liked us that first night. But I had fun, no matter. Sometimes you have to pay for your entertainment, what the heck, anywhere you go, just as long as you have the money to spend for your good times.

The next night was better. I love to play Texas Hold'em, but I usually always just play online. I have played a live game before, but never for real money or at a casino. So my goal was to get a taste of it at a casino and for real money. I am glad that I did, maybe I just got lucky with a good table, I could read all the players that night. I didnt win much, but for me I think I did realllll good. I turned $40 into $170.

Now my cell is ringing, come play blackjack with us. Okay I am glad that I got that call. I was down, on my hold'em game, to about $70 and I said last hand guys! So if you are good at math, I won another $70 on that last hand. So it was all good, well for me that is. Been fun guys, good luck.

I head out into the casino to the blackjack tables, but low and behold they were for some reason drawn to another game, it was a 4 hand poker table, so I watched for a while waiting for someone to leave so that I could sit. This table was full of some really funny/stupid/crazily drunk people, so it was not that big of a deal to watch. I finally got to sit, played a couple of hands, won a little, and now it was time to leave. If ya know what I mean, if they are taking your chips, easy, leave. But before we leave, I have to tell you a little somthing that happened that was really funny. You may have had to be there, but nonetheless I thought it was hilarious.

The lady that I was waiting to leave had just ordered a WATER. Yes just a water. And you know what she doesnt drink. Here comes the almost funny part. She opened it, it is time to bet, she takes her hand and places her bet, and as she moves her hand back to side, she hits the full bottle of water and is spills on the table. UGHHH! Game is halted, as the pit boss is called to remedy the situation. Okay, are you ready, getting to the really hilarious part?

How would you fix this problem? Who wouldve imagined that behind the tables in the pit that they would have a hair dryer?! Yep thats right, they do. So Mrs/Miss'es pulls out a hair dryer and she has to bend under the table to plug it in. So down she goes under the table, and the 2 males, well what can you say they are male, and had a few adult beverages, start ewww'ng and awww'ng, HA the whole table is now laughing very loud, and then the pit Misses/Mrs comes up for air, and well, she is not that happy. Can you blame, her? Heck no, it was funny. So now here comes the hilarious part. Have you heard those Bud Light commercials? Well they made up there own little version of it, with a blow dryer, table, water, chips, bud light (of Course), the pit boss'is, cards and how hot it is now, the table is on fire. I am sorry I cannot remember word for word what they said, BUT damned if I didnt wish I had a video of this. I know it would have been a You Tube phenomenon!

Did we make it to the blackjack table? Yes, we did. Played there, mind you, another good table. Got tired there, so we hit the dice table, and got tired there too. Let me clarify, tired=they were taking our money. So back to the blackjack table, and thats where we all ended up. Had a good last run there, it was all good, all fun!

It was LATE, well wait, I mean it was EARLY in the morning, let's say 4am, to be exact and we were leaving the next morning, same morning, and had to be out of the room by noon. So nonetheless we all didnt get to much sleep. It was time to get up just as, it seems, as we closed our eyes. The other crew had already checked out before us and were playing some high limit slots, and were winning, so we met them there. Watched a while, them win, Not us, ha! And we all decided to get something to eat before we hit the road home.

To say that our trip home was uneventfull, is an understatement. Our first encounter, was and I am sure it was just a coincendence, but we were just discussing how good of a driver he was, and not a millisecond it came out of his mouth, there was a little white car that I believe, but now doubt, decided that they needed to get over really fast to exit. So, fine, he slows as almost to a brake, and this car, brakes, moves over and then jerks, and we are still just right behind them, and it is CLEAR that they can move over and exit, but NO they brake again, sway, as to if they WANTED us to HIT them! Insurance fraud, was written all over that! Ok, Man YES you are an AWESOME driver, I take it all back. Futher down the road, lets say it was about 2 hours later, we are just cruising along, and here comes people just flying by us, like we are standing still, where the heck do they have to be in such a hurry? Well I cannot say that the next scene that we saw was one of them, but I can say it is not worth being in hurry to get anywhere, when you might never show up at.

We see flashing light, yes a wreck, thats what we thought. We were right. But not any wreck you see anyday. I swear, this truck must have went air bourne, and do I mean air bourne, this truck was WAAAAAAY up in the tree, and this tree was like 2 houses on top of each other taLL. The truck was resting on the limbs of the tree, so that just goes to show you how big, tall and strong this tree was. How they got it down, I will never know. But I hope whoever it was okay. And if not my sympathy goes out to their family and friends.

We're home, and you know what, there really is no place like home!

Until our next trip!

Friday, April 16, 2010


I take a deep breath and thank god that I am still alive.

I hope to take that same deep breath tomorrow!

And sigh, that I am lucky, yes I am, so lucky, I live in a house, I have a job, my family is healthy, I can put food on the table, and so on, another day is to come.

To all not as blessed as I am, I pray for you all!

Whatever comes to mind. That's all folks!

Would love to hear what comes to your mind.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Flasher

Well it really isn't what you are thinking, but now that I got your attention. It is spring break and my son has been wanting to go to the carnival at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, ever since he was 7 years old, and he is now 12 going on 13. So we decided he is of age now where he can enjoy all the rides and games. There are some rides that require a height requirement, and to take him any younger, there are not that many rides that he can enjoy. We live about an hour and thirty minutes from our destination. As planned we decided to take the back roads to avoid traffic, it will take us about 10 or 15 minutes longer but it is worth it. Traveling along everything is going smoothly, as we are about 30 or so miles on our destination there is this truck behind us flashing his lights at us. I tell my husband, and he looks and we can't figure out why this person is doing this, we really did not think much about it. So we continue to drive on and it is about time to make a stop, or should I say a pit stop (lol). Now we are about half way there, we find a place to stop. My husband, I and my son get out and they go, not me since I am on the passenger side, behind our truck to go into the store. And as my husband and son rounds the back of the truck, WE figure out why we were being flashed! Lo and behold, there it is a baseball glove, my nephews, was sitting right there on the bumper of the back of our truck! Amazing, yeah right, I really could'nt believe it stayed on there the whole trip without falling off. And good thing too cause, you know how much that glove costs, yes, $300. If it was ours we would have just had to suck it up, but since it was not ours, we would HAVE to replace it. WHEW! So PAY ATTENTION to people who flash you! They are trying to tell you something. So Thanks to the Flasher!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Burgers and fries, anyone?

It's time to cook, again! Here are my ingredients, above, on how I make homemade oven fried potatoes. I rinse, peel and slice the potatoes. I add garlic powder, salt, pepper, Parsley flakes, paprika and olive oil in a bowl, mix together to coat all the potatoes. I set the oven to 400 degrees. I place the coated potatoes on a lined foil, sprayed with Pam substitute, and space the potatoes so that they are not overlapping each other.
In the oven they go! Now time to prepare the patties. I season them with Season all, garlic powder, and pepper. On the George they go! The lean mean grilling machine. I like it because it lets all that fat (grease) roll off the grill.
After they grilled on the George, I took them off, added cheese to melt from the heat of the patties. Now it is time to plate. I roasted the buns in the oven, to warm and crisp up a bit. In the mean time I prepared the lettuce, onions and cucumbers.

Now my husband tells me that he does not want cucumber, he wants pickles and jalepenos, but he is out of the jalepenos in the jar. We had some peppers left over from we made the bacon wrapped shrimp, he made me on Valentine's day, instead of buying me roses, he spent that money on shrimp! woohoo isn't that sweet?! Besides roses only last so long and plus they just sit there and look pretty, believe me I would rather have something tasty, like his world famous barbequed bacon, cream cheese, jalapeno, shrimp wrapped grilled yumminest! Anyways, sorry I got off track there, so now I take out the leftover jalapenos and throw them on the George and saute them. I finally plate my hamburger and fries, and well he could not wait, my camera ran out of juice so I could not take a pic of his whole hamburger, he cut it in half, and I found some double A's to restore the juice to my camera and here is a shot of his burger.

And here is mine. He loves ketshup, me not so much! =)

Hamburger, fries and ice cold beer, what more could you want?!

All of this meal is fat free, except the buns, the day I was shopping they did not have any wheat fat free buns. But believe me you can eat this good, and not have to suffer taste. Okay Okay, so the beer isnt fat free or is the bun, but come on, we cant have it all! Hee hee , I am not the one that needs its cake and eat it too! Happy eating lite! You got a lite dish you want to share with me? I would love to hear from you!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Meet my German friend!

This is Harley! My youngest son's first dog. My oldest found him. Brought him home for his brothers christmas present. He is a dachshund. German? Absolutely just look at him, he likes him some beer! And, almost, who doesnt likes them some beer?

So what's your adult beverage pleasure?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hi HONEY, I'm HOMe! What's for dinner?

I love to cook, what can I say?! I am sure this recipe has been made and written somewhere out there in cyberspace. But I like to make things that just come to my mind. I watch the foodnetwork, alot. I take their recipes, and then do what I want to do with them, add other things that I have on hand, or just completely take the main concept of the recipe and do what I want to do with it. Come to think of it I really have not seen any thing like this on the television, at least I mean dishes with sausage like this. It really does not matter though, if it is out there or not, I call it mine. I read also alot of recipes online, and see comments, that say they did this and added this and substituted this and so on, so I know I am not the only one. So here is what for dinner tonight. I bought sausage links, at the grocery store, I did not really think that I was going to blog tonight, so I threw away the packages, sorry! So I cannot show what I used nor can I recall what kind of sausage it was, smoked something, ha ha ha! Actually when my hub was grocery shopping, YES, he shops too, sometime. He was there and they had samples of this sausage and thought it really tasted good. He bought some home and barbequed it while he was also bbq'ing steaks. My youngest son loved it. So he bought more the last time he was in the store. I was wondering what I was going to make tonight, so I opened the freezer, and there they were, 2 packages just saying; Pick Me, Pick Me! So what did I do? I gave in and took both packages out and defrosted them, the old fashioned way, filled my sink with luke to hot water, and threw those babies in there. As soon as they were defrosted, I took them out and cut them in bite size pieces, got my electric skillet (MY FAVORITE WAY TO COOK) and added olive oil, heated the oil while I cut the sausage, as soon as the oil was ready I added the sausage, and while it was browning, I cut some onion and green pepper, then I added them. Stir, stir. As the three of them were browning, I rinsed and sliced some red potatoes and then added them when I was done slicing. Stir, stir. Then it was time to let it be, I put on the lid of the electric skillet, put dial to 200, now it is time to go and do whatever I wanted to do. So here I am.

Isn't great?! It does it's thing while I do my thing! Got to love it. I have not tasted this combination of sausage and red potatoes, but I am sure it is gooood. I usually make this with fresh sausage and idaho potaoes. Yes we make our own sausage. Delicious! But we are all out of that. I called that dish, Country fried sausage & potatoes. So with this, since the sausage is store bought, it is just my skillet sausage & red potatoes with onions and green pepper. It does smell good, anyways, so I am so sure it tastes as good as it smells. Well that is it for now, till we cook again! Okay, NOW who is doing the dishes?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Resolutions TO be or NOT to be!

WOWZER, it's been a long long time since I posted, did ya miss me? Well yeah right, HA HA! But it's good to be back, well for now. SO, thanksgiving, christmas, And ringing in the New Year has all past. By The Way, (BTW!), Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, & Happy New Year, a little late, BUT better late than not? HuH? What do you say? Well, I am sorry, but I have been busy, doing nothing you say?, yeah but oh well we all want or have to be lazy every once and again! Try it, you just might like it!

I, for one, have no New Year Resolutions, been there done that, and from previous experiences, they never work out. So, instead of being disappointed, because I could not keep or reach my goal to achieving my resolutions, I think it is better that I just be happy for not adding anymore pressure to me resolving my resolutions! Whew! I already feel better, and that, LIKE I have already made it to the finish line, even though I did not participate in the race. YEA! I won! Don't pass go and don't collect $100. Story of my life, but what a life I have!

If I HAD to make a resolution, it would be to watch more TV, NOW that would be EASY, HA! I am big into reality (fake/edited) shows. I know that everything you watch on tv is edited in some way to make you think that what is said is written in stone. NOT! The other resolution is to read all comments in forums, where people are clueless (naive) to what really happens behind the scenes. It really is hilarious. There are SO many people out there that they believe everything they see and hear (read) are true. It makes for good comedy. I mean seriously do they not know that these shows are out there to make money. And anything is fair game. And that means deceiving its viewers into thinking what they see or hear is real? Heck, even the news is edited, and that has to be the most of what you hear Is Really Real!!

So, what is "reality" really mean? I am tooooooooooo lazy to look it up, by definition, but what I gather in short, is that it means what really happens, day in and out, what real folks like you and me do. Well, how BORING would that be to watch. I could tell you minute by minute, what I do day to day, week to week, month to month, AND year to year, HOW boring would that be? You got it, if it didnt involve some kind of drama, you would not keep coming back to see what was happening in my life, right?

Yes, I know, I know, I am right!!

Well, now that I have rambled on, really about nothing, I must leave you to think, what the heck is she thinking, saying, typing, talking about, and well you get the jist?! HA HA!

I am watching, The Bachelor & American Idol. So what are you watching? I would love to hear what gets your fancy on!

I wrote, typed this whole thing, and I have still to think what my subject (title) will be. Hmmmm, maybe dot dot dot dot............No thats no good. Oh well, I guess if you read it you know what I finally came up with.

Peace out everyone! AND again thanks for putting up with my rambling!