Friday, May 7, 2010

Take a trip with us to the casino

It was my birthday, and I wanted to go to play. Play as in gamble, so as we are sitting there betting on the dogs. I spoke up and said, "Well since it's my birthday and her birthday, what better to celebrate than go to Louisianna!?" It's are birthday afterall! And I thought that we could cry if we wanted to! And we wanted too! Not cry, so much as to whine, and get our way, so our men say "Sure sounds like a plan!" WOOHOO!!

Skip 2 months, forward. Mine you this was 2 months ago when we planned this. And BOY, I could'nt wait, and those 2 months took forever. But WELL worth the wait. Mind you I was ready to leave on that friday, but since it was on the spur of the moment kinda thing. They had a golf tournament that they had to play in on saturday. SO, our plan was to for them to go and play, they would ride with another player that they were playing with on their team. And I would come and pick them up later.

So I sit and wait for their call, as to when they were almost finished with their holes. They left in the early morning, before the sun rised. I was up not to much after that, yes I was excited, and sleeping was the last thing on my mind. Simple things get me excited, like a kid getting to go to Disneyland, I know all of you know what I mean, I'm sure you have seen one of their commercials.

Hours later, my cell phone rings. And it is THE CALL, I have been waiting for all morning into mid noon! I am all packed and ready to go. So I am on my way to go get my crew. Thought I would never get there, and mind you, that I had no clues as to where they were playing. So I am driving thinking, uhmnn, did I pass the road that I was supposed to turn. NO! Whew. As they had they gave me a clue to be looking for a log cabin fenced in on the left and after I see that take that next road to the right. Let's just let me tell you, you did'nt have time to blink and there was the turn I needed to take. Thank goodness no one was behind me. If you know what I mean.

So down that road, I went. I pull into the parking lot of the country club, wandering where the heck they were. So I pulled into a parking space, got out of the truck. Then I hear someone yelling and I am looking to the left to the right, wait isnt that a dance, ha! And I finally see them and they are on their last hole of the tournament. Come to find out they thought it would take me longer to get there so they decided to play that last hole just for fun.

There they are they all pulled up in their golf carts, unload there clubs. I had to pee! So as I walk up to them, she hands me a birthday card. Thanks! And by the way where do I go, I have to go!!!! It was a long drive I tell you, well maybe all the diet cokes I drank all morning more or less that did the trick. Okay I am done, go to the truck and unload out of one truck into our truck, and we are almost on our way.

This go here and that goese there. It might rain so we needed to make sure the clubs were protected. Well after all it did not rain on us the whole way there, but better safe than sorry. Clubs dont come cheap, ya know. We had a good trip up there, a couple of stops, here and there, so now we are at our final destination. Yeah! Drop off part of our crew, they were staying the night in a different hotel than we were. And now we head to our stop. Get unpacked, chill and now time to head to the casino.

Let's just say the casino liked us that first night. But I had fun, no matter. Sometimes you have to pay for your entertainment, what the heck, anywhere you go, just as long as you have the money to spend for your good times.

The next night was better. I love to play Texas Hold'em, but I usually always just play online. I have played a live game before, but never for real money or at a casino. So my goal was to get a taste of it at a casino and for real money. I am glad that I did, maybe I just got lucky with a good table, I could read all the players that night. I didnt win much, but for me I think I did realllll good. I turned $40 into $170.

Now my cell is ringing, come play blackjack with us. Okay I am glad that I got that call. I was down, on my hold'em game, to about $70 and I said last hand guys! So if you are good at math, I won another $70 on that last hand. So it was all good, well for me that is. Been fun guys, good luck.

I head out into the casino to the blackjack tables, but low and behold they were for some reason drawn to another game, it was a 4 hand poker table, so I watched for a while waiting for someone to leave so that I could sit. This table was full of some really funny/stupid/crazily drunk people, so it was not that big of a deal to watch. I finally got to sit, played a couple of hands, won a little, and now it was time to leave. If ya know what I mean, if they are taking your chips, easy, leave. But before we leave, I have to tell you a little somthing that happened that was really funny. You may have had to be there, but nonetheless I thought it was hilarious.

The lady that I was waiting to leave had just ordered a WATER. Yes just a water. And you know what she doesnt drink. Here comes the almost funny part. She opened it, it is time to bet, she takes her hand and places her bet, and as she moves her hand back to side, she hits the full bottle of water and is spills on the table. UGHHH! Game is halted, as the pit boss is called to remedy the situation. Okay, are you ready, getting to the really hilarious part?

How would you fix this problem? Who wouldve imagined that behind the tables in the pit that they would have a hair dryer?! Yep thats right, they do. So Mrs/Miss'es pulls out a hair dryer and she has to bend under the table to plug it in. So down she goes under the table, and the 2 males, well what can you say they are male, and had a few adult beverages, start ewww'ng and awww'ng, HA the whole table is now laughing very loud, and then the pit Misses/Mrs comes up for air, and well, she is not that happy. Can you blame, her? Heck no, it was funny. So now here comes the hilarious part. Have you heard those Bud Light commercials? Well they made up there own little version of it, with a blow dryer, table, water, chips, bud light (of Course), the pit boss'is, cards and how hot it is now, the table is on fire. I am sorry I cannot remember word for word what they said, BUT damned if I didnt wish I had a video of this. I know it would have been a You Tube phenomenon!

Did we make it to the blackjack table? Yes, we did. Played there, mind you, another good table. Got tired there, so we hit the dice table, and got tired there too. Let me clarify, tired=they were taking our money. So back to the blackjack table, and thats where we all ended up. Had a good last run there, it was all good, all fun!

It was LATE, well wait, I mean it was EARLY in the morning, let's say 4am, to be exact and we were leaving the next morning, same morning, and had to be out of the room by noon. So nonetheless we all didnt get to much sleep. It was time to get up just as, it seems, as we closed our eyes. The other crew had already checked out before us and were playing some high limit slots, and were winning, so we met them there. Watched a while, them win, Not us, ha! And we all decided to get something to eat before we hit the road home.

To say that our trip home was uneventfull, is an understatement. Our first encounter, was and I am sure it was just a coincendence, but we were just discussing how good of a driver he was, and not a millisecond it came out of his mouth, there was a little white car that I believe, but now doubt, decided that they needed to get over really fast to exit. So, fine, he slows as almost to a brake, and this car, brakes, moves over and then jerks, and we are still just right behind them, and it is CLEAR that they can move over and exit, but NO they brake again, sway, as to if they WANTED us to HIT them! Insurance fraud, was written all over that! Ok, Man YES you are an AWESOME driver, I take it all back. Futher down the road, lets say it was about 2 hours later, we are just cruising along, and here comes people just flying by us, like we are standing still, where the heck do they have to be in such a hurry? Well I cannot say that the next scene that we saw was one of them, but I can say it is not worth being in hurry to get anywhere, when you might never show up at.

We see flashing light, yes a wreck, thats what we thought. We were right. But not any wreck you see anyday. I swear, this truck must have went air bourne, and do I mean air bourne, this truck was WAAAAAAY up in the tree, and this tree was like 2 houses on top of each other taLL. The truck was resting on the limbs of the tree, so that just goes to show you how big, tall and strong this tree was. How they got it down, I will never know. But I hope whoever it was okay. And if not my sympathy goes out to their family and friends.

We're home, and you know what, there really is no place like home!

Until our next trip!


  1. Dayum... that sounds like quite an EVENTFUL trip!!! Did you all hit the casinos in New Orleans or the ones in Shreveport??


  2. There is a WHOLE bunch I left out but yes it was eventful! And no we stayed put in Kinder, LA. Our next trip is to New ORleans, so stay tuned for that trip! Oh!, and thanks for stopping by and reading! =)