Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I just read an article, which I tried to post here, but sorry could not figure it out!  UGH!  But it really disturbed, well made me pissed!!!!!  But I cannot believe what they did to this 14 year old boy.  Well let me tell you in my own words.  I do not claim to quote anyone here.  Just telling what I read as I took it. 

This boy went to school everyday after day just to bullied by these older young boys.  It finally reached its boiling point when these 5 older young boys made him do the unspeakable.  What, well they told him that they would leave him alone if he got a tattoo, and if he didnt, the father said that his son that they would beat the crap out him.  So what do you think this young one would do, he said he would get the tattoo if they promised to leave him alone ( mind you I am using my perspective as to what he was thinking).  What was the tattoo that they wanted him to get, you ask? 

Well it was an outline of the male productive part.  Then after that torture was done, there was a crowd out to see the tattoo, and these 5 boys made him to drop his pants, you know in these days and ages there are immediate camera devices, and someone took pictures of the tattoo.  Needless to say that the father said that the boy was doing fine, till all this went public,   but now he is  in a bad state of mind.

I say this is so sad, not to mention extremely  disturbing.  In the comment section, in which I agree also, these boys need to learn a lesson, not only to pay for the removal of the tattoo, but to me this is got sexual pedophile wanna be's written all over it.  And they need to be stopped NOW! 

The boy in question has an attention deficit order and has been habitually bullied by older students.  It is sad but usually the unpopular and mentally or physically challenged are usually the targets for these bullies.  So please if your child is suffering please watch for the warning signs, at least in this story there was no suicide attempt or reporting of a useless, senseless loss of a young ones life. 

We all need to pay attention more, along with all school officials!  Keep your ears open and report what you hear!  In this report teachers did over hear students talking about this and this is how it came to light, so I am glad that the teachers did speak up.  They cant be all ears, eyes but when they do hear something they should come forward.  Kudos to them. 

My son was being bullied, but I am glad that he is not afraid to tell me, so I beg you to watch out!  Needless to say he is NOT bullied anymore.  There are ways to nip this in the bud really quick.  In closing I want to wish all best to the young boy and his parents.  In time all will be healed, take extra special care of him! 

Have you ever been bullied?  I have.  It's not all that great, so do unto others as you wish to be treated. 

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