Saturday, May 22, 2010

Real Men of Genius • Mr. Professional Figure Skater

Here are the radio commercials that I find funny. I have put together my own little sumethin sumethin, so I dont claim to have any parts of this commercial, I just wanted to write a little diddy of my own for us bloggers! Also, I dont claim to be too funny, or clever, this is just me on a saturday afternoon, even before popping up my own nice cold bud light, HA! So here it is! Listen at the sametime you read it, well if you can do two things at one time, *chuckles*!

Bud Light Presents: Real WO-Men if Genius!

Today we Salute YOU: Mr & Mrs Professional Blogger Writers

While lesser of stalkers who just read blogs YOU spend countlass hours of typing trying to be witty, funny, smart, sexy and all those things you know your not.

You practiced and practiced, hoping, knowing that one day you would be noticed. Write a book and get published. Gain mega many viewers/followers and your a Blog Pleaser!

Mess up and forget to use spell check and get your fingers smacked with that big ol ruler (commenters, you professional blogger writers, know what I mean) But You're still a Blog Pleaser!

So crack open a nice cold Bud Light! YOU may never be a published book writer author But you Know your still loved in Bloggersville!

So keep on keepin on and blog away!

HaPPY SaTURday everyone! CHEERS!


  1. Hmmm... you missed the back ground vocal there... "you're a blog pleasah!!!!"

    This is GREAT! Good job!!!