Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What are YOU doing?

Im bad! Yes it is almost Thursday, and nothing. Well lets see nothing exciting has happened. But I can tell you that everyday when I get home I have to play a bejeweled game. So why cant I come home and post something, here? I dunno. Oh well here I am now. I am playing in a pokerstars tourney, so in between bets I am writing this. Why do I put myself in this aggravation, oh yeah, I rememebered I would post something at least everyday. So here I am. I am not winning tonight, but I am sure the luck will change for me. We are having bbq hamburgers so I dont have to cook, so there is some luck in my way. I also realized that my son only has 2 Mondays left till summertime break. WOOHOO. Why, you say? Well it means I dont have to get up to take care of him, make sure he is dressed, feed him breakfast, and so on, NOW it will be just me! And that means I can sleep longer than I usually had to!

I am typing this as I am on a table in a six hand man tourney, and its funny they have no idea that I am writing on my blog as they slllllllllllllooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwly bet their hands, geeez I hate that@! Slow tables really test my nerves, but I try to be good. HA! But sometimes I am not so sweet as I know I can be and as I am told that I am. Hysterical, I know.
And now someone on the table is calling someone a punk, for sitting out. Oh well this is really going no where, but if you like to play Hold'em I play on Pokerstars, everynight, not advertising, its just the site I like.

Till we meet again, with whatever you are doing?

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