Thursday, May 20, 2010

"I wanna get lost in your Rock N Roll!

And "Drift Away"

Since there is no tv's in my house, well but ONE!  I have been listening to the radio more.  My son and I have always listened to our favorite radio station in the mornings on the way to drop him off to school, and then myself off to the office.  Our favorite in the morning talk show is with Roula & Ryan, 104 KRBE (Pop rock).  They tell top stories from the net, and they also do advice forums, and other things.  My son likes to hear the new scoops or what is the most used device by people (things like that), and so on. 

Now we have found another station KTEX 106 (country) that we listen to first, when we get in the truck, to head out to school (well actually I listen to this station in the morning while I get dressed, since I cant listen to Good Morning America-hence since I dont have a TV).  They are playing a game, Armadillo, HI LO!  If you can guess what amount of money is in the bank you win it, people call in and give an amount and they tell you either Too HI or Too LO.  Yesterday afternoon someone won, $212.56 (my son's guess was $212.12, so he would have been close, but hey first you got to be the 12th caller, yeah righ, Ha!).  So this morning they started out all over again.  The guess was 267.56 or something like that, but it was too HI.  So guess we will have to tune in again tomorrow morning to see what the guess were.  I will let you know if we ever win.  Ha, doubt that!  But HEY the money I could use to buy a new TV!

And now that I am writing this I am listening to yet another radio station, 94.1 it plays old classic pop/rock songs.  Like, can you believe right now it is playing " Your the one that I want"  Yes thats right, Hilarious, Olivia-Newton John.  OH Man talk about bringing back memories of the movie "Grease", am I giving away my age?!  Now thats funny, I dont care who you are!  But really I am not that old.  It was a good movie and I think most teenagers would know what movie I was talking about IF it came up in conversation.  Anywho to my point I listen more for John Tess, and I know I have mentioned this in another post of mine.  But really nothing exciting happened to me today. 

I really do like all kinds of music, and I am sure getting my share of it lately.  So tell me what kind of music do you like the most? 



  1. Hi there... depends on the mood I'm in... I kinda got into a Tejano blend yesterday... listeing to some old Doug Sahm, Sir Douglas Quintet, Texas Tornadoes... then some Texas Blues via Stevie Ray Vaughan... just depends on the mood I'm in... :o)


  2. I listen to the radio in the car and I usually listen to classic rock/pop, oldies or country. It really does depend on what mood I'm in. Music can soothe the soul.

  3. Hi Red & Mom, I so agree about the mood thingy . If I am playing in a tourney I need to hear upbeat inspirational I will kick your butt kind of music, ha!