Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm so tired!

Why? Well I am not as young as I used to be. Last night I went to a crawfish boil, all you can eat and drink. Well , let's just say I drank more than I ate. And to top it off it was keg beer, yuck! I think it was spiked to, lol! Anywho, onto saturday, we were suppose to play in a tournament, baseball for my son, and golf for the hub. Well guess what? Yeppers, it rained and I mean it rained. I fell asleep last night on the couch, I was watching the pokerstars tourney, and I awoke early, thunder lightning and rain. WOOO HOOO I dont have to get up early. I knew everything had to be cancelled cause it had rained all day friday too. I was right. I slept till 10:45am, mind you not disturbed, from alarms to phone calls, geeeeez!! Keg beer ='s aspirin, lol! I never have hangovers, but that dabnabnit keg beer kicks my butt everytime.

Water and an aspirin, I am better now. I make lunch. Fried chicken coconut fingers, rice and string beans. Sorry no photo, no camera, see earlier post. The day is not over I have to get ready to go a graduation party, I would rather just say comfortable, but I cant we have to show up for these special people that took it to the next level and graduated to become the next generation. Congrats to Michael & Tracie.

See it wasnt that bad I am home now. Tomorrow is just another day. YEA! Till then.

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