Thursday, May 27, 2010

Missed Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday is over, and now it is Thirsty Thursday!

Well Wednesday was not too wacky, I stayed at home, was not feeling well.  I am all for not having to go to work but I would rather have to go than to be sick and have to stay home.  You all know the pretend sick days are the best.  But in this case and in most, I was really not feeling well.  I have not been for a while.  Anywho, I made it to work today.  Not all better only made it half a day!

So guess WHAT?  Yeppers, you guessed it, Thirsty Thursday is not going to happen, well at least not for me. BooWhooo!

So to all those out there enjoy!, your drinks are on me! 

Oh and I did forget to tell you all, that Tuesday was his last day of school, because he got exempt.  He is very delighted! But at first his coach thought it would be funny to tell him that his name was not of the list, he asked again, "Oh wait what is your name again?  Oh here it is!"  My son did not think it was too funny, oh if it amused his coach, all the better for him, hmph! as my son would say!   The other students that did not meet the requirements for the exemption, their last day of school is this friday.  So Happy Summer to all those out there, out already or about to get out!

But Wednesday when I got up, I felt like crap.  What a way to celebrate not having to get my son ready for school and it is all about me.  But I just could not make it to work that day.  I called in sick.  Spent most of the day in bed and the bathroom, ha-quit laughing-I hate it when bugs are going around.  Where the heck did I pick it up at?  Oh well I am better today but not 100% but I will live, if only, just for the long weekend ahead!  WOOHOO.  I will have to will myself BETTER fast.

No big plans for me this weekend.  But I will be going fishing on saturday to add to the fish we caught a couple of weeks ago in a fishing tournament that I, my son and hub were in.  Son got 1st for big Bass and second in catfish.  Oh dont ask, ha, no me and hub didnt do as good as him.  But we all had fun. 

Back to the fishing, well the fish that we caught in the fish tourney, we decided to do a fish fry on sunday for the father in law, so we need to add to the fish that we already caught, and we have the perfect place to do it, so we will be going there on saturday!  Can't wait! 

So what are your plans for this up and coming Memorial day weekend?  And of course, all my thoughts, prayers and thank you's will be in the back of my mind, for all those out there fighting (those that lost their lives) for our safety and protection and freedom!

Thanks MICHAEL!   

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  1. Any kind of a 'wacky wednesday' beats the Hell out of an 'Unwacky wednesday'... just sayin'...