Friday, June 4, 2010


Hello Friday, my friend.

You know that you are my favorite.

So why do you come and go?

Only come to visit one day.

And then to leave for another 6.

Then come knocking again.

Why oh why can't you just stay?

Don't be jealous of Saturday and Sunday.

As I wish they would stay for more than one day also.

But you always are the life of the party, since you arrive first.

So please think about it.

But I guess like all good things.

They have to come and they have to go.

Just please just remember I am always here for you.

Excited that you are coming.

And miss you while your gone.

You are always welcomed!

Till next time!


  1. Not the best Friday I've experienced in a while... but its still Friday...


  2. Awe I am sorry. Hope it gets better for ya~! Now I got to go and see what's up????? :(