Sunday, June 13, 2010


Sorry no pictures.  But we had a great day yesterday.  We got 1st for ribs, 2nd for chicken, and I got 4th in the chef's special, oh well!  Ugh, ha !  I made seafood egg rolls.  They were really good, but the judges thought that the stuffed peppers were the winner, and the second up was the peach cobbler, and the ribeye took third, so there it left me at 4th.  But I think that we did really good, and above all that we all had a great time.  Hope your weekend was great! 


  1. Yum... ribs... and stuffed peppers!!!

    Sounds GREAT!!!



  2. Thanks ~shoes~ !

    Stuffed peppers won first, and that person went to culinary school, not fair, huh? lol!

    It was fun though, I will take 4th and I never went to cooking school, heehee!~ =)

    Game on next year, if we get invited back.