Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rockin 'Round Baseball

pátek víkend

Yesterday we spent all day in Round Rock, TX in a Super Series Baseball Tournament.  It's our first time in this type of tournament.  We have had no time to practice, in between our city's Little League and the rain.  So needless to say we did not play well at all.  In fact more like the Bad News Bears, HA! 

bad news bears

We lost both of our games yesterday.  So that put us WAY down in the bracket, there are 22 teams there from all over.  We were in the 18th bracket.  So what does that mean?  Well we had to be back in Round Rock this morning to play our first game at 8:00am.  Which means we had to leave here at 5:30am in the morning!  Me? Nope not this gal, I need my beauty sleep, so I am at home.  Have not heard yet how we did?  I know the game is over.  So is no news, good news?  Not a clue, but I am not going to call and find out.  Double HA!

On some other good notes, our city's High School won there baseball game last night so they are going to State!

kansas state wildcats baseball

The Longhorns won yesterday also.  So after the tourney in Round Rock is over, hub and son are going to go to that game.  Big TIME Longhorn Fans, they 2 of them are. 


I got some sun while watching the game.


The boys got McDonalds on the way home.  Thats always a WIN WIN for them.  Triple HA!~



  1. Summer, baseball and McDonald's, what more could a kid ask for, even if they didn't do well in the tournament?

  2. Yes Oh Yes I wish I was a kid again, SurprisedMom, well sometimes, ha! And we lost. So we only played that one game and then they came home.