Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where do I start first?!

First, I think I will start where I left off yesterday, in my Missing in Action post. I left you to start baking and cooking for the reunion and waiting to hear how we did in the tournament. I made Gorilla bread and Creamy Cheesy Artichoke dip. They both turned out good and I had no dip left, and only a quarter of the bread left. Here are a couple of shots of the finished product. Both of these recipes can be found on Paula Dean's website.

It was nice to see all of my relatives (husbands side), some of those that we don't get to see but once a year. We drank, ate and caught up on what all was going on with their lives. You never know if this is going to be the last time you are going to see them, so it is important to be there. Here are a couple of shots I took last night.

It was great seeing you all again, until the next time we get all together again, live, love and laugh!

Now last but not least, we won the tournament last night, we won all three games we played starting at 12:30 to the last game starting at 6:30. It is our first win as the Brenham Green Soxs! WoooHooo! First game, 5-2, second game 12-5 and the third game 6-3. Good job boys!!

Here are some pics from last weekend, in which it got rained out the 2nd day so they had to finish the tournament yesterday. Some of our meeting place, and of course, where? Yes you guessed Walmart, and some shots of the players on the field.

And there you have it, I am all done for the day. Time to go make lunch, have a good one all!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Missing in action

Miss me? (*snickers*) Sorry I have not posted anything in a while, it just has been crazy around here, and the funny thing is I still don't know what to write about. So I am just putting this out there to let you know I am still around and I guess if I took more time writing than reading all of my other favorite blogggers, I would have that time to write my peace of mind.

OMG, I was sitting here writing, and I have my blinds open and a chicken hawk just landed in my front yard, I want to get a picture of it, but I am afraid if I move it will fly away, but I am going to try, hold on!

I got 2 before, like I thought, it flew off.

I am no hawk expert, but I think that it is a chicken hawk, but if anyone of you know if it is one or not, let me know. Okay sorry for the interuption, but it turns out that this unexpected guest gave me a little something to write about. *sigh* *chuckle*

Well I have to go and get some baking and cooking done, today we are having a reunion and I have decided to make gorilla bread and creamy chessy artichoke dip. Yummy! Hope they both turn out. I will post some pictures of my delights after I get them done. My boys are in a baseball tournament, out of town, they were in it last weekend. They got to play on saturday, they won one and lost one, but the rain that came late Saturday night and Sunday, they had to cancel the tournament so they are finishing it today. So I will let you know how they do once I find out from them. Looks like I will be the one that attends the reunion alone, unless they lose their first game that started at 12:30pm, so I have about 30 minutes more to find out if they won or lost. We are called the Brenham Green Soxs! So wish us luck! Will be back later for an update post, till then, take care all!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I hear car doors slamming, they are here! Once again it is that time of the year for college football and tailgating. And here I sit. Not that I wanted to go, but its just another SATurday. Where I sit and ponder, what I want to do, what I need to do, what I should do and why didn't I just go and tailgate and watch a football game. Then I would'nt feel so guilty for not doing what I should be doing. Cleaning the house. If I was not at home, then I would have an excuse, for not doing my motherly duties. HA!

But, oh well, I am still going to do as little as possible. As the dryer is going, I did at least throw in a wash of clothes. Fold, hang up, are you kidding me? Hey, at least they are clean and my family will have something to wear next week. Closets and dresser draws, who needs them. The laundry room is your closet and dresser drawers. If I have to do all the work, then you can take your butt to the laundry room and get something to wear. A little help here would be appreciated! So suck it in and get over it. They are clean and smell good. So what if your clothes are not in your room. If you want them in there, then go and fold and hang your own clothes and put them in their place. I am not going to do everything.

Just cause I was put on this world as a woman does'nt mean I am your maid! Your fed, your clothed in clean clothes, you have a nice warm place to sleep, what more do you want? I don't complain, because what good will that do? Laughing out loud. I get smart azz remarks every now and again, about where clothes should be, but I just give the evil eye, and believe me they get it! I better shut up otherwise, I will be not just wearing the clothes, but washing them too. *chuckles* yes you can train an old dog, nonetheless a young pup! IF I was a stay at home mom, that would be my job, but since I bring home the other half of the bacon, I do what I can to keep things straight here in the house.

So I am sitting here watching television. America's Next Top Model. Hey! I told you I like reality TV. Especially when there is nothing else to watch. The episodes I am watching is what I missed. I don't have TIVO so what I miss from weeks past I can see all the episodes in a row, till the end of the next of the show. I would rather do that, than to watch each week, the anticipation is too much. Here I can see one after the other. And I don't have to wait! HA. Well, I guess the crew is almost at their destination, and they will unload and begin their cooking for the tailgate, fajitas & sausage, and still here I sit.

I do know this, the food will be good and the popping of the beer cans will be going off soon, and I do wish that they have fun. Especially because SATurday's are just one day from the next work day. In these hard times, though, this following week will be like a vacation for him, the place he works at, instead of laying off again, they are being forced into letting their employees take a week off (no pay, furlong?) and this following week is his turn.

So I am very happy, not that he is not going to have to work, but that he will be doing work here at home! WWooHHoo! Finally my guest bathroom will get done, my son's room will be done and the tree that is dead in my backyard will be taking down. I feel like a kid again, simple things like this gives me much pleasure! *snicker*. So next SATurday, I will have a new bathroom, cleared out son's room and a one treeless backyard!

All is good on this SATurday!

Hope you all are having a good one today, this SATurday!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A life in times of baseball

Since I saw this video of the father daughter play, it takes me back, six years ago, (2003)when my, now 22 year old, was in the World Series Senior League, in Bangor, Maine. It was a long road, just to get there, but I tell you, I never had as much fun getting there, than anything else in my life. So, see I really do like baseball, I guess like all mom's it is even better when you know someone really really close to you playing in the game. I am in a town that is extremely big on baseball. So my son has been playing since he was five, t-ball, all you know what I am talking about. Comedy for adults, let me tell you, if you have never been to one, and you like to laugh out loud, go see a t-ball game near you.! We have all heard of the joke or seen on a movie, yelling for the little kid to run home, and what does he do? yes he runs home. HA HA HA! It really happens in these games.

Okay now after all the fun and games, literally speaking, they grow up and learn how the game is really supposed to go. Good coaches, help. Well we were lucky we had two of the greatest coaches ever, yes I am bias, my hubby and his brother, first win district, we did that, then to Tyler, Texas (dry county we learned, prior to this age group (been there done that, didnt win then, so we were prepared, LOL!) we won there this time (FINALLY after 10 years of trying), But I do have to pause here and tell you that I think that Tyler, is really glad that we will not be back staying at there hotel, anytime soon, kids will be kids, if you know what I mean, and worse off than the kids, the men (coach) I have never seen a man celebrate so much, THAT I had to drive back home, after staying LONGER than the regularly scheduled check out time at a hotel, yes we had to move to another players room that decided to stay another night, so that the coach (my hub) could sober up, but still not sobered (if that is even a word) enough to drive us back home, man I found out that he crawled up to the room, geeezzzzz!!! Who is worse, the kids or the grown-ups?

I tell, ya, I was no happy camper! and then off to Grand Junction, CO, and YES we won there, too! Then we are now off to Bangor, Maine. Of course, since hub was a coach he had to fly with the rugrats, and I flew with my younger son and parents, we had a good flight, whew* wiping sweat off my forehead*, we landed in Portland and drove the rest of the way to Bangor, Thanks Dad!. We finally arrived at the hotel in Bangor, god bless them, if only they knew, lol, no we were good there. You know why? cause us adults stayed in the hotel, while the boys and coaches had to stay at a dorm there. Mind you we are all from Texas, and heard stories about how Maine, is a milder country than ours, and let me tell you I was hoping for the cold weather, but WHAT did we get, oh my, it was warm there, just our luck, let me tell you, I guess they knew we were coming and THOUGHT, we would feel right at home! NOPERS, I did not want to feel like I was at home I wanted all the glory of the blast of cold air hitting my face, but all I got was a warm blow of air, as we sat in the parking lot of the dorm drinking raspberry beer???? What the F'ck, whoever thought of a fruity beer, needs to be shot, yes it was not that good. LOL.

But hey we amused the Maine guys and shared our Texas brewed beers! So they had to share theirs! Of course I felt sorry for the players and coaches, because they had no air conditioning there because of the cool weather they always have, so they only had fans in the windows, and ME in the hotel had it set igloo style in my hotel room, lol! Okay now to the games, my son pitched, my nephew pitched and so on, come to the end, oh well we lost. We were the Southwest team. To Hawaii! It's all good though, we made it (Finally) and it was a life changing experience. We got to meet people from all over the world. I remember going to get a drink, and the russians there were trying to sell me a bic pen??? Yes a Bic pen! Times must be really tough there. Or they are just all entrepreuers wanta be' offense, I am all for making money, but you cant sell a pen (a pack of 5) that costs a dollar in the store for 5 bucks, LOL, this is America. Or near Canada. HA! Canada, well while on our stay there we shared a bus with canadians, and let me tell you they cannot sing, or they are just shy?! Not all canadians, just the ball players that were on our bus, we are crazy Texas folks, and we battled them for a sing out, but they wouldnt. But their coach was a funny man and made me laugh out loud, so I guess we were even.

Bus got us to the putt putt golf, then after to a lobster outing, it was all good. Last night there was the banquet, and the Hawaiian's were so impressed with our hospitality (even though we were not hosting the world series in our state of Texas) they thanked us in there speech, for being, well just what we are, good people. And of course how proud they were to have won, as well as they should be. After that night, we all flew home. Well not the team they did not leave till the night after, I was supposed to be home a day before them, but it did not work out that way, as we were delayed in Philadelphia, and had to stay the night there. My hub and son got home about 2 hours later than I did. It was late, and the kiddos had school the next morning, but since they were running on adrenalin, there was no problem getting him up for school. Win, yes we wanted to, but, just getting there was a dream come true for them and that is all that matters!

I feel his pain

Hard Lesson to learn, and HOW did this father keep his cool?! I am sure he will not do that again with his other younger daugther that is sitting in her mom's lap. If this were my husband, Oh my, I don't even want to think about what would happen to us. CPS for sure would be sitting at our door awaiting for our arrival, LOL! No but I am sure there would have been some cursing going on. Hold your little ones ears, *rolling my eyes* is what I would be doing, like hey, it is just a ball, I will go buy you one or ten at walmart, and roll it in the dirt a little and hand it to you. Anyone can say, Hey! I caught this foul ball at the game, woohoo, and no one would know if you did or not, well at least thats what I think. Now if it was an autographed bb then I might have a little problem with losing that one. But, Hey, whom am I to say, I am by no means a die hard fan of baseball, I do like it, but I do not get all the hoop da la that goes through all the other die for, fans. I like baseball for 3 reasons: Getting to get out of the house and going somewhere, the beer, and the food (hot dogs & Nachos)! What's not to love?! Go (insert your team)!

Thanks to this Phillies fan to all those other dad's out there, that will think twice about giving their kiddo's the game ball. You learned your lesson to all to see. Here's a Shout out to you Father Phillies fan! Cheers!

PS(I am testing this out to see if I can link)

Oh well I guess not, lol, but as soon as I figure it out I will get it up. *sigh*

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blank slate........

What happens when you go blank?! Well I guess this is it. I have so much to say, but at the moment it won't come to me to type it down. So blank it. LOL! I will try later.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hi there bloggersville! Can anyone help me out? I read lists of things to be a good blogger. I do have some questions, though. I know I am not a writer, I just did this to, to put my thoughts down, out in the open to all to read, that wants too. But, on the list they write something about links. I do not know what they are talking about or how to do it. Does anyone know, and can help me out on this? I would like to post pictures and links, to my blog, but not sure how to do it. I see the links button/tab, but not sure how to get it on my blog. Any help would be appreciated. I guess it comes with practice, so I am going to try to post a picture on this one, I think I know how the picture thing works, so here goes, just a random picture to see if it works!

Are you ready!

You know when fall is right around the corner? Yes that is right, Football! Even though here in Texas it takes time to cool off and feels like it is. I am so ready for it. No snow here, but then again I am glad, I would have to hate to shovel snow every morning just to go to work, or anywhere, for that matter. I love snow, don't get me wrong, but I would just rather visit your city and enjoy and then leave and come home. Like the old saying is, there is no place like home, and it is so true! My favorite place that I visited was when my son was 8 years old and he is now 22, wow, how time flies. We took him for his first time to go snow skiing, in Lake Tahoe, it was amazing. I just loved it there. I really do want to go back. I do have memories, that tell me that I cannot ski. As when everyone that we went with, took me to the highest mountain, and I did good till I got to the end of the mountain. And what all went wrong, went wrong. I had to cross where all the other skiers from the other mountain were coming across my path to the end. And of course I panicked. I knew how to stop but I guess I panicked so much, in the fear of the other skiers running into me, and I could not think. If my friend was not there to stand right in front of me I would have went over the mountain. I slammed right into, taking my breath away, I fell to the ground of snow. Landed on my back, and finally when I came too my friend was on top of me. It had knocked the wind out of me. There was no way that I was going to make it the rest of the way down the mountain. The next thing I knew I was hearing voices, did she hit the sign? What happened. No she didnt hit the sign, she ran into me, I was being her blockade for not going off the side of the mountain. I am in a daze. I am speeding down the mountain, but at the time I had no idea someone was skiing me down the mountain. I thought I was in the toboggan behind a snow ski. Not till I reached the bottom did I know that I was hooked up to the person that skiied me down to safety. They took me in to check me out to see if everything was okay. No broken bones, I just had the wind knocked out of me. I was so embarrassed, all the friends that were there with us, were saying what happened? Is she okay? Oh well to say the least I know now I am not cut out to ski. Although I love it, my fear is getting in my way. I dont want to fall off the mountain, run into a tree, or whatever else can happen. Yes, I am a chicken. But I would, in a heart beat, go back. The rest of the time was spent in the casino and in a bar at the top of the mountain, over looking the lake. The bar where you can take the air trolley there and back down to earth. Hey, at least I got a taste of the mountains of snow. You can't say you don't like something till you try it. How did I go from football to snow skiing in the mountains? Laughing to myself. Okay I am a little scatter brained. At least I have a brain. "snickering like a school girl." Don't ask me why this came to mind, but it did. Go Cowboys! Rah Rah! What is on your mind, that takes you somewhere else?

Friday, September 11, 2009

The outcome of your dreams

Why cant we all just stay asleep? I have read and heard that many of us cannot sleep throughout the night, or have trouble falling asleep. Maybe it is due to all the stress we seem to especially have now.

Last night I woke up, I had been having a dream, a strange dream too, I was at a warehouse type store, and a man comes in demanding something, cant quite remember what it was exactly, but the way he was speaking sparked a concern that this encounter may turn out bad. Robber? With a gun? I didnt know, I just knew I had this gut feeling something was not right with this particular guy. So I grabbed two kids, not mine. And took them quickly to the back room, there was an opening that was covered by two boards that looked like doors, I pushed through them, carefully put them back up as they were and entered a very compacted rectangular space on the outside of the building, it was dark but lit with a huge pole with a light on it. I am standing there hushing the kids to be quiet and all of a sudden the boards push open, I gasp as I grab the little ones close up against me as to protect them. I sigh with relief, it was just Matt, how the heck he knew we were there is beyond me. He motions us to follow him, and he lead us out to the back garage.

There were lots of people there, and as I look around, the kids were gone, just like they disappeared in thin air. I was then distracted by a guy calling me to come over to help, it looked like they were having engine problems and needed me to start the vehicle for them. I walk over get in and start the vehicle, it starts and then the guy comes around and tells me to move over and takes off. I am not scared, so I am assuming I know this person. I tell him to take me back but he ignores me, doesnt say a word, and then I continue to ask him to please take me back, that I needed to get home. Still silence. Now I am beginning to worry that this guy has other things in store for me. He speeds up and I plead with him again. I will never know what happens next, cause I woke up, ughh! Don't you just hate that? Has this ever happened to you, and it was a good dream? How annoying, isn't? How many dreams will you never know the outcome of? Got any weird dreams you would like to share?
What comes to mind, when you dream and never get to know what the outcome would have been?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

So like I say

It's all in all like I say nothing at all. I am here thinking that what I want to say. is not what my fingers want to type!


So, what is what I am thinking and what us what is I thinking???

Yes, What is that!!?

LOL! Okay, I am back. I was just thinking back as to when I worked as a cashier in a conVenice store.

I just moved into (apartment) to go to college, in a small town, I tell you. AND my roommates I did not know.strange, huh?! But it all worked out. The gals that I didnt know, turned out to be NOT normal but those I could live with and share the rent with!

This is really a long story, so to cut it short, or to continue at a later time (HA!), I will say that it was an experience I will never forget. I made friends and learned more about how other live than I can explain here.

But I will continue at a latter date, time to get off! (the internet I mean) Till then a good night to all!


So the new judge is going to Ellen!

I love watching American Idol. Do you? SO what, Ellen is going to be a judge. Can no one except change? OMG well, let me tell you, change is going to happen no matter who, where, or when you get it. Except it!

Personally, I think that 4 judges, is way over the top, but I deal with it. I like the old gang, Simon, Paula & Randy, like most of the fans, but what can you do? Make comments that "oh I am never going to watch AI anymore? Oh c'mon??!! Pleez like the moon is going to turn into cheese, is what I say~!

There is nothing wrong, in getting Ellen into the gang, She is one of us. Us meaning those of us that sit on are rumps, via the couch or bed, watching the show. She is a real human being, yes I know she has her own show, what are you jealous? Well dont be she worked for it, and if you want something bad enough go for it, I say!

Back to the subject at hand, she can be our ears, the US people that just wish we could be sitting where she is, so what if she doesnt have any musical background, she knows what she likes to hear, and cmon any rocket scienctist can tell if you cant keep a tune??!!

Changes happen for a reason!

I wish Paula the best on her new journey, and I am sure she will roll with the punches, as to Ellen will on her's.

So I sit here

And so I sit here. I have had 3 views, WOW, how fun is this?! No comment, hmmmm?!

Oh well it is all good. I love to cook, hint- I hate to clean, though. So I watch the foodnetwork on my dtv. I got Rachel beat, 30 minute meals, I got her beat, try 20 minutes or less.

Easy and economical, I am a combination of Rachel, Paula and whats her name?! Semi home cooking lady, HA!* I made gooloush (sp?) in less than 20 minutes and my gang loves it, the cost, you say? well I have no clue, but I can say that most of the ingredients are in my pantry, trying to spell cupboards, LOL, either way I know I spelled pantry right.

If I spent all my time in the kitchen, then I would'nt have time to be typing here, so come on?! I know being the feeder of the household most of us mom's are looking to get in there and out! The kitchen I am speaking of. Oh okay, so kick me I know not of the right way to phrase a sentence in the english content. Guess I got an "F" on that line ending in "of". Or was it okay to type/speak that way?!

Anywho back to cooking and getting it (dinner) done in a jiffy! You find ways to get it done fast. Or at least I do. Don't get me wrong though, on a weekend all the whips and chains come out, I like to try new things, mind you I am speaking of, of food, I will make your taste buds explode, even though my gooloush is an easy dish, it is also GOOD, and I never have leftovers here.

But, so , and, and this is the end of my rambling. It is what it is, and so I peace out. If I think of something else to ramble on I will let ya know! For now Thats all folks!

Rambling Introduction to the bloggers sphere

And so here I am, so let's first start off to say that as I register for my blog, it takes more than 5 minutes, just to find a Blog title, HA! And now that that is said, I start my journey into the bloggers world.

This is all new to me, so bare with me, if you will?! I just wanted to say that I have no idea what I am going to blog about with you all but I will do my best not to bore too many of you, all I ask that if you dont like something I say , just remember it is just my opionion, and believe, you, me I know we all have our own opinions on things , so let's just all get along. I would love to hear what you think , even if you dont agree with me, but please be nice about!

As I said since I am new to the bloggers sphere, so please bear with me as I learn how to navigate my way around this site.

I type AND and SO so much, I thought that would make for a good title of my blog, and PLUS I tried SEVERAL others that have already been takin SO (HA!) I will settle with this one.

AND that leads us to why I say it takes more than 5 minutes to register, but all in all to all the others contemplating starting a blog it is otherwise rather painless, so bring it on. Let us hear what you have to say/type too!

So that leads me to end my little introduction or so if you can call it a introduction, but hey? I am at least trying.