Saturday, September 19, 2009


I hear car doors slamming, they are here! Once again it is that time of the year for college football and tailgating. And here I sit. Not that I wanted to go, but its just another SATurday. Where I sit and ponder, what I want to do, what I need to do, what I should do and why didn't I just go and tailgate and watch a football game. Then I would'nt feel so guilty for not doing what I should be doing. Cleaning the house. If I was not at home, then I would have an excuse, for not doing my motherly duties. HA!

But, oh well, I am still going to do as little as possible. As the dryer is going, I did at least throw in a wash of clothes. Fold, hang up, are you kidding me? Hey, at least they are clean and my family will have something to wear next week. Closets and dresser draws, who needs them. The laundry room is your closet and dresser drawers. If I have to do all the work, then you can take your butt to the laundry room and get something to wear. A little help here would be appreciated! So suck it in and get over it. They are clean and smell good. So what if your clothes are not in your room. If you want them in there, then go and fold and hang your own clothes and put them in their place. I am not going to do everything.

Just cause I was put on this world as a woman does'nt mean I am your maid! Your fed, your clothed in clean clothes, you have a nice warm place to sleep, what more do you want? I don't complain, because what good will that do? Laughing out loud. I get smart azz remarks every now and again, about where clothes should be, but I just give the evil eye, and believe me they get it! I better shut up otherwise, I will be not just wearing the clothes, but washing them too. *chuckles* yes you can train an old dog, nonetheless a young pup! IF I was a stay at home mom, that would be my job, but since I bring home the other half of the bacon, I do what I can to keep things straight here in the house.

So I am sitting here watching television. America's Next Top Model. Hey! I told you I like reality TV. Especially when there is nothing else to watch. The episodes I am watching is what I missed. I don't have TIVO so what I miss from weeks past I can see all the episodes in a row, till the end of the next of the show. I would rather do that, than to watch each week, the anticipation is too much. Here I can see one after the other. And I don't have to wait! HA. Well, I guess the crew is almost at their destination, and they will unload and begin their cooking for the tailgate, fajitas & sausage, and still here I sit.

I do know this, the food will be good and the popping of the beer cans will be going off soon, and I do wish that they have fun. Especially because SATurday's are just one day from the next work day. In these hard times, though, this following week will be like a vacation for him, the place he works at, instead of laying off again, they are being forced into letting their employees take a week off (no pay, furlong?) and this following week is his turn.

So I am very happy, not that he is not going to have to work, but that he will be doing work here at home! WWooHHoo! Finally my guest bathroom will get done, my son's room will be done and the tree that is dead in my backyard will be taking down. I feel like a kid again, simple things like this gives me much pleasure! *snicker*. So next SATurday, I will have a new bathroom, cleared out son's room and a one treeless backyard!

All is good on this SATurday!

Hope you all are having a good one today, this SATurday!

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