Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hi there bloggersville! Can anyone help me out? I read lists of things to be a good blogger. I do have some questions, though. I know I am not a writer, I just did this to, to put my thoughts down, out in the open to all to read, that wants too. But, on the list they write something about links. I do not know what they are talking about or how to do it. Does anyone know, and can help me out on this? I would like to post pictures and links, to my blog, but not sure how to do it. I see the links button/tab, but not sure how to get it on my blog. Any help would be appreciated. I guess it comes with practice, so I am going to try to post a picture on this one, I think I know how the picture thing works, so here goes, just a random picture to see if it works!

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  1. See!? You did it! I had to get my 8 year old to help me get started with pictures. She puts a toooon on her blog, video too. Young whippersnappers, whatcha gonna do?