Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rambling Introduction to the bloggers sphere

And so here I am, so let's first start off to say that as I register for my blog, it takes more than 5 minutes, just to find a Blog title, HA! And now that that is said, I start my journey into the bloggers world.

This is all new to me, so bare with me, if you will?! I just wanted to say that I have no idea what I am going to blog about with you all but I will do my best not to bore too many of you, all I ask that if you dont like something I say , just remember it is just my opionion, and believe, you, me I know we all have our own opinions on things , so let's just all get along. I would love to hear what you think , even if you dont agree with me, but please be nice about!

As I said since I am new to the bloggers sphere, so please bear with me as I learn how to navigate my way around this site.

I type AND and SO so much, I thought that would make for a good title of my blog, and PLUS I tried SEVERAL others that have already been takin SO (HA!) I will settle with this one.

AND that leads us to why I say it takes more than 5 minutes to register, but all in all to all the others contemplating starting a blog it is otherwise rather painless, so bring it on. Let us hear what you have to say/type too!

So that leads me to end my little introduction or so if you can call it a introduction, but hey? I am at least trying.


  1. I too am new and type and and so a lot.. so more than anything.


  2. Forgot to add... I'm also a rambler!

  3. Thanks for following, and well so thanks again, HA! Change that R in Rambler to a G and I am that to, *snicker* But I don't have to call that toll free number, yet, either! :-)