Thursday, September 10, 2009

So like I say

It's all in all like I say nothing at all. I am here thinking that what I want to say. is not what my fingers want to type!


So, what is what I am thinking and what us what is I thinking???

Yes, What is that!!?

LOL! Okay, I am back. I was just thinking back as to when I worked as a cashier in a conVenice store.

I just moved into (apartment) to go to college, in a small town, I tell you. AND my roommates I did not know.strange, huh?! But it all worked out. The gals that I didnt know, turned out to be NOT normal but those I could live with and share the rent with!

This is really a long story, so to cut it short, or to continue at a later time (HA!), I will say that it was an experience I will never forget. I made friends and learned more about how other live than I can explain here.

But I will continue at a latter date, time to get off! (the internet I mean) Till then a good night to all!

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