Thursday, September 10, 2009


So the new judge is going to Ellen!

I love watching American Idol. Do you? SO what, Ellen is going to be a judge. Can no one except change? OMG well, let me tell you, change is going to happen no matter who, where, or when you get it. Except it!

Personally, I think that 4 judges, is way over the top, but I deal with it. I like the old gang, Simon, Paula & Randy, like most of the fans, but what can you do? Make comments that "oh I am never going to watch AI anymore? Oh c'mon??!! Pleez like the moon is going to turn into cheese, is what I say~!

There is nothing wrong, in getting Ellen into the gang, She is one of us. Us meaning those of us that sit on are rumps, via the couch or bed, watching the show. She is a real human being, yes I know she has her own show, what are you jealous? Well dont be she worked for it, and if you want something bad enough go for it, I say!

Back to the subject at hand, she can be our ears, the US people that just wish we could be sitting where she is, so what if she doesnt have any musical background, she knows what she likes to hear, and cmon any rocket scienctist can tell if you cant keep a tune??!!

Changes happen for a reason!

I wish Paula the best on her new journey, and I am sure she will roll with the punches, as to Ellen will on her's.

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