Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are you ready!

You know when fall is right around the corner? Yes that is right, Football! Even though here in Texas it takes time to cool off and feels like it is. I am so ready for it. No snow here, but then again I am glad, I would have to hate to shovel snow every morning just to go to work, or anywhere, for that matter. I love snow, don't get me wrong, but I would just rather visit your city and enjoy and then leave and come home. Like the old saying is, there is no place like home, and it is so true! My favorite place that I visited was when my son was 8 years old and he is now 22, wow, how time flies. We took him for his first time to go snow skiing, in Lake Tahoe, it was amazing. I just loved it there. I really do want to go back. I do have memories, that tell me that I cannot ski. As when everyone that we went with, took me to the highest mountain, and I did good till I got to the end of the mountain. And what all went wrong, went wrong. I had to cross where all the other skiers from the other mountain were coming across my path to the end. And of course I panicked. I knew how to stop but I guess I panicked so much, in the fear of the other skiers running into me, and I could not think. If my friend was not there to stand right in front of me I would have went over the mountain. I slammed right into, taking my breath away, I fell to the ground of snow. Landed on my back, and finally when I came too my friend was on top of me. It had knocked the wind out of me. There was no way that I was going to make it the rest of the way down the mountain. The next thing I knew I was hearing voices, did she hit the sign? What happened. No she didnt hit the sign, she ran into me, I was being her blockade for not going off the side of the mountain. I am in a daze. I am speeding down the mountain, but at the time I had no idea someone was skiing me down the mountain. I thought I was in the toboggan behind a snow ski. Not till I reached the bottom did I know that I was hooked up to the person that skiied me down to safety. They took me in to check me out to see if everything was okay. No broken bones, I just had the wind knocked out of me. I was so embarrassed, all the friends that were there with us, were saying what happened? Is she okay? Oh well to say the least I know now I am not cut out to ski. Although I love it, my fear is getting in my way. I dont want to fall off the mountain, run into a tree, or whatever else can happen. Yes, I am a chicken. But I would, in a heart beat, go back. The rest of the time was spent in the casino and in a bar at the top of the mountain, over looking the lake. The bar where you can take the air trolley there and back down to earth. Hey, at least I got a taste of the mountains of snow. You can't say you don't like something till you try it. How did I go from football to snow skiing in the mountains? Laughing to myself. Okay I am a little scatter brained. At least I have a brain. "snickering like a school girl." Don't ask me why this came to mind, but it did. Go Cowboys! Rah Rah! What is on your mind, that takes you somewhere else?

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