Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A life in times of baseball

Since I saw this video of the father daughter play, it takes me back, six years ago, (2003)when my, now 22 year old, was in the World Series Senior League, in Bangor, Maine. It was a long road, just to get there, but I tell you, I never had as much fun getting there, than anything else in my life. So, see I really do like baseball, I guess like all mom's it is even better when you know someone really really close to you playing in the game. I am in a town that is extremely big on baseball. So my son has been playing since he was five, t-ball, all you know what I am talking about. Comedy for adults, let me tell you, if you have never been to one, and you like to laugh out loud, go see a t-ball game near you.! We have all heard of the joke or seen on a movie, yelling for the little kid to run home, and what does he do? yes he runs home. HA HA HA! It really happens in these games.

Okay now after all the fun and games, literally speaking, they grow up and learn how the game is really supposed to go. Good coaches, help. Well we were lucky we had two of the greatest coaches ever, yes I am bias, my hubby and his brother, first win district, we did that, then to Tyler, Texas (dry county we learned, prior to this age group (been there done that, didnt win then, so we were prepared, LOL!) we won there this time (FINALLY after 10 years of trying), But I do have to pause here and tell you that I think that Tyler, is really glad that we will not be back staying at there hotel, anytime soon, kids will be kids, if you know what I mean, and worse off than the kids, the men (coach) I have never seen a man celebrate so much, THAT I had to drive back home, after staying LONGER than the regularly scheduled check out time at a hotel, yes we had to move to another players room that decided to stay another night, so that the coach (my hub) could sober up, but still not sobered (if that is even a word) enough to drive us back home, man I found out that he crawled up to the room, geeezzzzz!!! Who is worse, the kids or the grown-ups?

I tell, ya, I was no happy camper! and then off to Grand Junction, CO, and YES we won there, too! Then we are now off to Bangor, Maine. Of course, since hub was a coach he had to fly with the rugrats, and I flew with my younger son and parents, we had a good flight, whew* wiping sweat off my forehead*, we landed in Portland and drove the rest of the way to Bangor, Thanks Dad!. We finally arrived at the hotel in Bangor, god bless them, if only they knew, lol, no we were good there. You know why? cause us adults stayed in the hotel, while the boys and coaches had to stay at a dorm there. Mind you we are all from Texas, and heard stories about how Maine, is a milder country than ours, and let me tell you I was hoping for the cold weather, but WHAT did we get, oh my, it was warm there, just our luck, let me tell you, I guess they knew we were coming and THOUGHT, we would feel right at home! NOPERS, I did not want to feel like I was at home I wanted all the glory of the blast of cold air hitting my face, but all I got was a warm blow of air, as we sat in the parking lot of the dorm drinking raspberry beer???? What the F'ck, whoever thought of a fruity beer, needs to be shot, yes it was not that good. LOL.

But hey we amused the Maine guys and shared our Texas brewed beers! So they had to share theirs! Of course I felt sorry for the players and coaches, because they had no air conditioning there because of the cool weather they always have, so they only had fans in the windows, and ME in the hotel had it set igloo style in my hotel room, lol! Okay now to the games, my son pitched, my nephew pitched and so on, come to the end, oh well we lost. We were the Southwest team. To Hawaii! It's all good though, we made it (Finally) and it was a life changing experience. We got to meet people from all over the world. I remember going to get a drink, and the russians there were trying to sell me a bic pen??? Yes a Bic pen! Times must be really tough there. Or they are just all entrepreuers wanta be' offense, I am all for making money, but you cant sell a pen (a pack of 5) that costs a dollar in the store for 5 bucks, LOL, this is America. Or near Canada. HA! Canada, well while on our stay there we shared a bus with canadians, and let me tell you they cannot sing, or they are just shy?! Not all canadians, just the ball players that were on our bus, we are crazy Texas folks, and we battled them for a sing out, but they wouldnt. But their coach was a funny man and made me laugh out loud, so I guess we were even.

Bus got us to the putt putt golf, then after to a lobster outing, it was all good. Last night there was the banquet, and the Hawaiian's were so impressed with our hospitality (even though we were not hosting the world series in our state of Texas) they thanked us in there speech, for being, well just what we are, good people. And of course how proud they were to have won, as well as they should be. After that night, we all flew home. Well not the team they did not leave till the night after, I was supposed to be home a day before them, but it did not work out that way, as we were delayed in Philadelphia, and had to stay the night there. My hub and son got home about 2 hours later than I did. It was late, and the kiddos had school the next morning, but since they were running on adrenalin, there was no problem getting him up for school. Win, yes we wanted to, but, just getting there was a dream come true for them and that is all that matters!

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  1. I know how bad adults can be when it comes to their kids and sports. It's too bad that it often takes the fun out of it for the kids. Yes, you're right. There is certainly a lot of comedy!