Friday, September 11, 2009

The outcome of your dreams

Why cant we all just stay asleep? I have read and heard that many of us cannot sleep throughout the night, or have trouble falling asleep. Maybe it is due to all the stress we seem to especially have now.

Last night I woke up, I had been having a dream, a strange dream too, I was at a warehouse type store, and a man comes in demanding something, cant quite remember what it was exactly, but the way he was speaking sparked a concern that this encounter may turn out bad. Robber? With a gun? I didnt know, I just knew I had this gut feeling something was not right with this particular guy. So I grabbed two kids, not mine. And took them quickly to the back room, there was an opening that was covered by two boards that looked like doors, I pushed through them, carefully put them back up as they were and entered a very compacted rectangular space on the outside of the building, it was dark but lit with a huge pole with a light on it. I am standing there hushing the kids to be quiet and all of a sudden the boards push open, I gasp as I grab the little ones close up against me as to protect them. I sigh with relief, it was just Matt, how the heck he knew we were there is beyond me. He motions us to follow him, and he lead us out to the back garage.

There were lots of people there, and as I look around, the kids were gone, just like they disappeared in thin air. I was then distracted by a guy calling me to come over to help, it looked like they were having engine problems and needed me to start the vehicle for them. I walk over get in and start the vehicle, it starts and then the guy comes around and tells me to move over and takes off. I am not scared, so I am assuming I know this person. I tell him to take me back but he ignores me, doesnt say a word, and then I continue to ask him to please take me back, that I needed to get home. Still silence. Now I am beginning to worry that this guy has other things in store for me. He speeds up and I plead with him again. I will never know what happens next, cause I woke up, ughh! Don't you just hate that? Has this ever happened to you, and it was a good dream? How annoying, isn't? How many dreams will you never know the outcome of? Got any weird dreams you would like to share?
What comes to mind, when you dream and never get to know what the outcome would have been?


  1. Have you ever tried going back to sleep to finish a dream? It's cool when you can do that.

    I sometimes dream that I'm awake and I need to be somewhere and I was asleep, so I woke up, but I'm really still sleeping and I really need to be up and doing something or going somewhere.. crazy.

  2. It would be cool if I could do that, I have tried but it just does'nt work, at least for me! =)