Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Dont push the pedal"

It is late.  Well for me it is.  I got to get up in the morning early.  And get my son fed and made sure he is dressed and ready to go to school.

What is a man good for?

Well he goes to work, good!

He has to get himself dressed.


I would like, for once not have to worry about anyone but myself.

It wont happen for another 5 years.

Then what?

Well I can tell you nothing, I will always wonder, what?

My oldest already left the nest.

Married and living a good life.

My youngest is about to do the same, although the years are there, before you know it they will be gone too.

He wants to drive, and I told him NO WAY is he learning with me.

He has to drive with his dad.

And I am thinking , I am going to make him wait till he is 18.

Yeppers.  If you heard what he was telling me, YOU WOULD TOO.  LOL

Remember "Speed Racer" was a cartoon!!!!

This is real life!  Dont push my pedals!
I watched 3 movies today.  I do not go running to the theatres when a new movie comes out.

Just setting the picture.

The last, well next to the last movie I saw in the cinema, was "Rain Man".  So YOU GET IT?

LONG time since I was sitting in the dark, popcorn smelling, whispering peoples, loud out of focus screen room. P.S. (texting talking cellphone fanatics!)

I like to watch movies in the comfort of my own home.

BUT I had to see "The Help" before it was for the public viewing.  So what else I asked my mother-in-law to go with me to watch it , one friday afternoon.

She said sure would love to go to the movies, nothing better to do.

I picked her up.  We arrived and bought our tickets.  I got a drink and popcorn.  She got a drink.

It was early afternoon, and most of us are working. YOU KNOW.

Well here we are , me , her, and a whole bunch of other viewers in the theatre , well  let's say their 50's, 60's, 70's.

Some of them I was afraid for them, as they are walking up the steps to find a seat, in the pitch dark theatre.

I WAS not there to come to anyones rescue.

I am bad arent I??

LOL well forget that part.  I really would have if it had to come to that.  Rescuing the old folk, that is!

Anyways, we were sitted, and I asked my mother in law, "you know I heard that we might need some tissues for this move"!

Oh here ya go I have one in my purse.


Well what about you?

Naw I am good.


I loved the  movie!

I cried!

She did too, but she didnt admit it.



Not till the end did she say that she shed a tear.

But there is just no way that she did not.

Hint!  I know her heart is big, and so I know she cried more than once during this movie!

If you have not seen it, YOU HAVE TO GO SEE IT! NOW!

Okay now till the next good movie that I cannot wait to come to my tv.  DOUBT it will be anytime soon, but I dare YOU! :))

Did you see this movie?  Let me know what you thought?

What's on your televison? These days!

I really watch too much television.  And I mean reality tv.  It is my guilty pleasure. 

What happened to the sitcoms, like All in the Family, Happy days, Brady Bunch, and so on?

And so on, yes I watched them all.  The beaver was the son of the tv world, as was Ward and June, Hi! Mom and Dad! ha ha.  You get my point?  Well if ya dont move on.

 How did we get here, where we wanted to see a woman and man who had 8 kids and see their day to day lives.?  I really dont get it.  AND wait it get's worse.

Need I say more?  The Housewives of ANYTHING? 

The Bachelor/Bachelorette?

I really think you get the drift.

Could go on and on, but some reality shows are in good taste, and some are not.

It is your perspective to decide.

But if you don't give a damn, then watch with all your content.

Like I do, it is what I like and what you like.

So who gives a damn what you like to watch.

Watch it!

Can you guess what I am watching now????

I bet you cannot?  But go ahead and let me know!!!


It is Sunday, and not just any Sunday, it is September 11.  And ten years ago, a whole lot of people lost their lives. 

And for them, I pause in silence and prayer for them.

Time to Wake

I really cannot believe that it has been a year plus 2 months since I blogged.  But I am doing this for me and not you, but I decided that I would get back into telling my stories.  SO!

And you know what?!  That's it.  My mind is really blank, right now.  Let me think, okay, well I am in awe of the alarm clock.  I hate it, really, really, hate it.  Not the one that I set but the other one that I share a bed with, for some reason they have to have it set 2 million hours before it is time to wake up!?

I can wake up and not pretend that the time I woke up is not really what time it is?! LOL!!  But then again that is just me.  So, let us see.  When it is time to wake up, I do.  But if I can sleep longer I do.  But when something wakes me up I cannot fall back to sleep like you can!  So can you please give me a break?!

I have to wake up , pee, wash my hands/face.  Put on make-up, fix my hair brush my teeth, get dressed, fix breakfast for my son, make sure he is ready, and watch the news, take them to school, and then take myself to work.

YOU, pee, wash your face, put your clothes on and drive 1/2 a minute to work.

SO maybe you could give me a break and set the alarm to go off, well--maybe---only one time before you have to wake, well compared to the trillion times!