Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Dont push the pedal"

It is late.  Well for me it is.  I got to get up in the morning early.  And get my son fed and made sure he is dressed and ready to go to school.

What is a man good for?

Well he goes to work, good!

He has to get himself dressed.


I would like, for once not have to worry about anyone but myself.

It wont happen for another 5 years.

Then what?

Well I can tell you nothing, I will always wonder, what?

My oldest already left the nest.

Married and living a good life.

My youngest is about to do the same, although the years are there, before you know it they will be gone too.

He wants to drive, and I told him NO WAY is he learning with me.

He has to drive with his dad.

And I am thinking , I am going to make him wait till he is 18.

Yeppers.  If you heard what he was telling me, YOU WOULD TOO.  LOL

Remember "Speed Racer" was a cartoon!!!!

This is real life!  Dont push my pedals!

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