Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time to Wake

I really cannot believe that it has been a year plus 2 months since I blogged.  But I am doing this for me and not you, but I decided that I would get back into telling my stories.  SO!

And you know what?!  That's it.  My mind is really blank, right now.  Let me think, okay, well I am in awe of the alarm clock.  I hate it, really, really, hate it.  Not the one that I set but the other one that I share a bed with, for some reason they have to have it set 2 million hours before it is time to wake up!?

I can wake up and not pretend that the time I woke up is not really what time it is?! LOL!!  But then again that is just me.  So, let us see.  When it is time to wake up, I do.  But if I can sleep longer I do.  But when something wakes me up I cannot fall back to sleep like you can!  So can you please give me a break?!

I have to wake up , pee, wash my hands/face.  Put on make-up, fix my hair brush my teeth, get dressed, fix breakfast for my son, make sure he is ready, and watch the news, take them to school, and then take myself to work.

YOU, pee, wash your face, put your clothes on and drive 1/2 a minute to work.

SO maybe you could give me a break and set the alarm to go off, well--maybe---only one time before you have to wake, well compared to the trillion times!

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