Sunday, September 11, 2011

I watched 3 movies today.  I do not go running to the theatres when a new movie comes out.

Just setting the picture.

The last, well next to the last movie I saw in the cinema, was "Rain Man".  So YOU GET IT?

LONG time since I was sitting in the dark, popcorn smelling, whispering peoples, loud out of focus screen room. P.S. (texting talking cellphone fanatics!)

I like to watch movies in the comfort of my own home.

BUT I had to see "The Help" before it was for the public viewing.  So what else I asked my mother-in-law to go with me to watch it , one friday afternoon.

She said sure would love to go to the movies, nothing better to do.

I picked her up.  We arrived and bought our tickets.  I got a drink and popcorn.  She got a drink.

It was early afternoon, and most of us are working. YOU KNOW.

Well here we are , me , her, and a whole bunch of other viewers in the theatre , well  let's say their 50's, 60's, 70's.

Some of them I was afraid for them, as they are walking up the steps to find a seat, in the pitch dark theatre.

I WAS not there to come to anyones rescue.

I am bad arent I??

LOL well forget that part.  I really would have if it had to come to that.  Rescuing the old folk, that is!

Anyways, we were sitted, and I asked my mother in law, "you know I heard that we might need some tissues for this move"!

Oh here ya go I have one in my purse.


Well what about you?

Naw I am good.


I loved the  movie!

I cried!

She did too, but she didnt admit it.



Not till the end did she say that she shed a tear.

But there is just no way that she did not.

Hint!  I know her heart is big, and so I know she cried more than once during this movie!

If you have not seen it, YOU HAVE TO GO SEE IT! NOW!

Okay now till the next good movie that I cannot wait to come to my tv.  DOUBT it will be anytime soon, but I dare YOU! :))

Did you see this movie?  Let me know what you thought?

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