Sunday, February 21, 2010

Burgers and fries, anyone?

It's time to cook, again! Here are my ingredients, above, on how I make homemade oven fried potatoes. I rinse, peel and slice the potatoes. I add garlic powder, salt, pepper, Parsley flakes, paprika and olive oil in a bowl, mix together to coat all the potatoes. I set the oven to 400 degrees. I place the coated potatoes on a lined foil, sprayed with Pam substitute, and space the potatoes so that they are not overlapping each other.
In the oven they go! Now time to prepare the patties. I season them with Season all, garlic powder, and pepper. On the George they go! The lean mean grilling machine. I like it because it lets all that fat (grease) roll off the grill.
After they grilled on the George, I took them off, added cheese to melt from the heat of the patties. Now it is time to plate. I roasted the buns in the oven, to warm and crisp up a bit. In the mean time I prepared the lettuce, onions and cucumbers.

Now my husband tells me that he does not want cucumber, he wants pickles and jalepenos, but he is out of the jalepenos in the jar. We had some peppers left over from we made the bacon wrapped shrimp, he made me on Valentine's day, instead of buying me roses, he spent that money on shrimp! woohoo isn't that sweet?! Besides roses only last so long and plus they just sit there and look pretty, believe me I would rather have something tasty, like his world famous barbequed bacon, cream cheese, jalapeno, shrimp wrapped grilled yumminest! Anyways, sorry I got off track there, so now I take out the leftover jalapenos and throw them on the George and saute them. I finally plate my hamburger and fries, and well he could not wait, my camera ran out of juice so I could not take a pic of his whole hamburger, he cut it in half, and I found some double A's to restore the juice to my camera and here is a shot of his burger.

And here is mine. He loves ketshup, me not so much! =)

Hamburger, fries and ice cold beer, what more could you want?!

All of this meal is fat free, except the buns, the day I was shopping they did not have any wheat fat free buns. But believe me you can eat this good, and not have to suffer taste. Okay Okay, so the beer isnt fat free or is the bun, but come on, we cant have it all! Hee hee , I am not the one that needs its cake and eat it too! Happy eating lite! You got a lite dish you want to share with me? I would love to hear from you!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Meet my German friend!

This is Harley! My youngest son's first dog. My oldest found him. Brought him home for his brothers christmas present. He is a dachshund. German? Absolutely just look at him, he likes him some beer! And, almost, who doesnt likes them some beer?

So what's your adult beverage pleasure?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hi HONEY, I'm HOMe! What's for dinner?

I love to cook, what can I say?! I am sure this recipe has been made and written somewhere out there in cyberspace. But I like to make things that just come to my mind. I watch the foodnetwork, alot. I take their recipes, and then do what I want to do with them, add other things that I have on hand, or just completely take the main concept of the recipe and do what I want to do with it. Come to think of it I really have not seen any thing like this on the television, at least I mean dishes with sausage like this. It really does not matter though, if it is out there or not, I call it mine. I read also alot of recipes online, and see comments, that say they did this and added this and substituted this and so on, so I know I am not the only one. So here is what for dinner tonight. I bought sausage links, at the grocery store, I did not really think that I was going to blog tonight, so I threw away the packages, sorry! So I cannot show what I used nor can I recall what kind of sausage it was, smoked something, ha ha ha! Actually when my hub was grocery shopping, YES, he shops too, sometime. He was there and they had samples of this sausage and thought it really tasted good. He bought some home and barbequed it while he was also bbq'ing steaks. My youngest son loved it. So he bought more the last time he was in the store. I was wondering what I was going to make tonight, so I opened the freezer, and there they were, 2 packages just saying; Pick Me, Pick Me! So what did I do? I gave in and took both packages out and defrosted them, the old fashioned way, filled my sink with luke to hot water, and threw those babies in there. As soon as they were defrosted, I took them out and cut them in bite size pieces, got my electric skillet (MY FAVORITE WAY TO COOK) and added olive oil, heated the oil while I cut the sausage, as soon as the oil was ready I added the sausage, and while it was browning, I cut some onion and green pepper, then I added them. Stir, stir. As the three of them were browning, I rinsed and sliced some red potatoes and then added them when I was done slicing. Stir, stir. Then it was time to let it be, I put on the lid of the electric skillet, put dial to 200, now it is time to go and do whatever I wanted to do. So here I am.

Isn't great?! It does it's thing while I do my thing! Got to love it. I have not tasted this combination of sausage and red potatoes, but I am sure it is gooood. I usually make this with fresh sausage and idaho potaoes. Yes we make our own sausage. Delicious! But we are all out of that. I called that dish, Country fried sausage & potatoes. So with this, since the sausage is store bought, it is just my skillet sausage & red potatoes with onions and green pepper. It does smell good, anyways, so I am so sure it tastes as good as it smells. Well that is it for now, till we cook again! Okay, NOW who is doing the dishes?