Thursday, September 10, 2009

So I sit here

And so I sit here. I have had 3 views, WOW, how fun is this?! No comment, hmmmm?!

Oh well it is all good. I love to cook, hint- I hate to clean, though. So I watch the foodnetwork on my dtv. I got Rachel beat, 30 minute meals, I got her beat, try 20 minutes or less.

Easy and economical, I am a combination of Rachel, Paula and whats her name?! Semi home cooking lady, HA!* I made gooloush (sp?) in less than 20 minutes and my gang loves it, the cost, you say? well I have no clue, but I can say that most of the ingredients are in my pantry, trying to spell cupboards, LOL, either way I know I spelled pantry right.

If I spent all my time in the kitchen, then I would'nt have time to be typing here, so come on?! I know being the feeder of the household most of us mom's are looking to get in there and out! The kitchen I am speaking of. Oh okay, so kick me I know not of the right way to phrase a sentence in the english content. Guess I got an "F" on that line ending in "of". Or was it okay to type/speak that way?!

Anywho back to cooking and getting it (dinner) done in a jiffy! You find ways to get it done fast. Or at least I do. Don't get me wrong though, on a weekend all the whips and chains come out, I like to try new things, mind you I am speaking of, of food, I will make your taste buds explode, even though my gooloush is an easy dish, it is also GOOD, and I never have leftovers here.

But, so , and, and this is the end of my rambling. It is what it is, and so I peace out. If I think of something else to ramble on I will let ya know! For now Thats all folks!

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