Saturday, October 10, 2009

Missing in action

Miss me? (*snickers*) Sorry I have not posted anything in a while, it just has been crazy around here, and the funny thing is I still don't know what to write about. So I am just putting this out there to let you know I am still around and I guess if I took more time writing than reading all of my other favorite blogggers, I would have that time to write my peace of mind.

OMG, I was sitting here writing, and I have my blinds open and a chicken hawk just landed in my front yard, I want to get a picture of it, but I am afraid if I move it will fly away, but I am going to try, hold on!

I got 2 before, like I thought, it flew off.

I am no hawk expert, but I think that it is a chicken hawk, but if anyone of you know if it is one or not, let me know. Okay sorry for the interuption, but it turns out that this unexpected guest gave me a little something to write about. *sigh* *chuckle*

Well I have to go and get some baking and cooking done, today we are having a reunion and I have decided to make gorilla bread and creamy chessy artichoke dip. Yummy! Hope they both turn out. I will post some pictures of my delights after I get them done. My boys are in a baseball tournament, out of town, they were in it last weekend. They got to play on saturday, they won one and lost one, but the rain that came late Saturday night and Sunday, they had to cancel the tournament so they are finishing it today. So I will let you know how they do once I find out from them. Looks like I will be the one that attends the reunion alone, unless they lose their first game that started at 12:30pm, so I have about 30 minutes more to find out if they won or lost. We are called the Brenham Green Soxs! So wish us luck! Will be back later for an update post, till then, take care all!

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