Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rainy Days and Wednesday


Well OF course what else do you expect, we need to have baseball practice, and what does it do?  Why, rain! That was yesterday.  And now today, it is the first game of the State Tournament for our High School team, among other states High School teams.  The games are being played at Dell Diamond in Round Rock, Texas.  I awoke to thunder, rumbling and rain!  Tornado warnings, watches and flash flood warnings.  But we are about an hour and half away from us, so I am hoping that JUST maybe they are not getting the rain that we had all day, but that was not the case.  So the games that should have started at 10:00am this morning got pushed back, so it ends up that our original start is at 4:00pm has been pushed to 6:30pm.  So the boys are on their way there, so let us hope that they will get to play at that time.  It has stopped raining here, so I am hopeful.    I will let you all know what happens. 

I am not complaining in anyway that it is raining, but don't you know that everytime you want to do something someone always comes and rains on your parade. Or do this.


 Well thats exactly what is happening.  I would rather be under the covers at home watching movies all day when it rains.  That is just ME.  OR maybe this.


But I went to work anyways, what can you do.  It was a slow day so it was not all that bad.  I pretty much just sat at my desk and watched the rain pour! 

It got so dark at one point that I thought that our clocks were not working.  Ha.
And I should be at home sleeping instead of working.  It probably was because we were under a tornado warning/watch, unbeknown to me.  Nothing happened but a downpour. 


The poor UPS guy had delivered some boxes to us, and in one of them is a quarterly newsletter that I have to mail out.   SO since our internet was down, I went ahead and commensed to folding the newsletters and stuffing into envelopes and sticking the mailing labels on them.  DONE!  I forgot, since it was raining cats and dogs, I just skipped lunch today and worked through lunch.  I'm hungry.  Ha. 

hamburgers II

Okay now back to the story at hand.  Finally it was time to get off and go home.  I left and it was only sprinkling so that was good. 


I got home and son is asking me where I was and where was dad?  Well he had no idea that the game had been postponed.  It was 3:40pm when I got home and dad was supposed to have been there at 2:00pm.  I told him.  He was like, AWWW.  I think it is going to be a long summer for him.  We live out in the country and well there is no one to play with or do anything with, so I know that he gets bored.  But what can you do?!  At least he can sleep in and doesnt have to go to school is what I tell him.  At least in August he will be going to camp.  So if he can hold out till then it will be all good.  And like I tell him all the time, he could clean his room, the living room, the kitchen, the bathrooms, and all, he would not be all that bored, yes, okay you can laugh at me now!  He did!

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  1. No... its not raining... and I badly need rain... rain to me is cleansing... soothing... and I need all of that right now...

    Ive noticed 'rain' to be mentioned in quite a few blogs here lately...



  2. Cumulus baptism...bring it! Especially love the water dripping from fingertips pic. Very nice.