Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Flasher

Well it really isn't what you are thinking, but now that I got your attention. It is spring break and my son has been wanting to go to the carnival at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, ever since he was 7 years old, and he is now 12 going on 13. So we decided he is of age now where he can enjoy all the rides and games. There are some rides that require a height requirement, and to take him any younger, there are not that many rides that he can enjoy. We live about an hour and thirty minutes from our destination. As planned we decided to take the back roads to avoid traffic, it will take us about 10 or 15 minutes longer but it is worth it. Traveling along everything is going smoothly, as we are about 30 or so miles on our destination there is this truck behind us flashing his lights at us. I tell my husband, and he looks and we can't figure out why this person is doing this, we really did not think much about it. So we continue to drive on and it is about time to make a stop, or should I say a pit stop (lol). Now we are about half way there, we find a place to stop. My husband, I and my son get out and they go, not me since I am on the passenger side, behind our truck to go into the store. And as my husband and son rounds the back of the truck, WE figure out why we were being flashed! Lo and behold, there it is a baseball glove, my nephews, was sitting right there on the bumper of the back of our truck! Amazing, yeah right, I really could'nt believe it stayed on there the whole trip without falling off. And good thing too cause, you know how much that glove costs, yes, $300. If it was ours we would have just had to suck it up, but since it was not ours, we would HAVE to replace it. WHEW! So PAY ATTENTION to people who flash you! They are trying to tell you something. So Thanks to the Flasher!

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