Saturday, July 3, 2010

What do you mean, it is loose?

im back

I am annoyed!  Okay, whew I got that off my chest.  I mean I centered the darn picture I did not want to center my text???!!!????


Opps, sorry.  It is all about a FUNny saturday, right? 

Well, let us get started.

Last night, I was visiting next door, that just so happens to be my in-laws.  It really is all good.  I guess I am just one of those that are outside the box, because I like my in-laws!

Anywho, they were babysitting my niece, their granddaughter.  And she had a VERY loose tooth.  She wanted it out, and she wanted it out, NOW!

Quite a little drama queen she is.  HA HA~!  I told her hunny, it is so loose if you just wait a while it will probably just fall out while you are laying on the bed later watching your favorite televison show with your Nanna later. 

She. did. not. believe. me.

She just sat there and cried and wanted her Momma.  And cried, and whined and well you get it!

She called Momma, and you know what she told her, if you come home your going to stay home.

Guess what she did??

Yep!~  You guessed it.  She cried MORE.

Now her mom said, Get over it, well, in more than less words, thats the jest.


She lost her tooth, 3 hours later, where?

another loose tooth has fallen out!

This is not her, it was her top tooth to the left, to the left, whoops sorry I got carried away.

YEPPERS,  laying on the bed watching her favorite TV show with her Nanna!!


Hope that tooth was made of gold! 

Never heard what she got out of that deal.

I guess the tooth fairy only appears at your own house.

What is the most you ever got from the tooth fairy?


  1. $5. and a picture of the tooth fairy caught in the act:
    Free with code: Fairy-Proof

  2. Hmmm... maybe a quarter... My Mom and Dad used to tell me that if I wouldn't run my tongue across the gap, that a gold tooth would grow in...

    That didn't tempt me in the least bit... even as a kid, I thought gold teeth were kinda tacky...